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Zipit "Sweet Dreams" Twin Bedding Review!

When it comes to bedding for the family, I look for quality and design. My daughter is super rambunctious and her bedding needs to be able to handle it. Most important, the over comfort of the bedding. Making beds everyday is part this moms life and anyway I can get the rest of the family to join in I am up for. With the Zipit bedding my daughter can make her own bed with ease and take a load off mommy. Not only that their adorable designs and cool side pocket, kids love them.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow With Kool-Flow Bamboo Cover by Xtreme Comforts Review!

Without a good nights sleep we are left with a very long day. The average person spends 1/3 of their life sleeping. That is quite a bit of sleep. That is why you should optimize this part of your life by indulging yourself with the best sleep you can. This makes the other 2/3's of your life more productive, focused, less irritable and overall able to function properly,

Martha Clyne Year Round Down Comforter Full/Queen Review!

Not too heavy yet luxuriously warm and soft, the Martha Clyne Year Round Down Alternative Comforter provides the perfect layer 365 days a year. Plus, there's no goose down to trigger allergies. Microfiber Fill for an Allergy-Safe Alternative to Down  Many people are allergic to goose down, and suffer with sneezing, coughing or headaches after sleeping with a down comforter or pillow.

Down and Wool XL King Blanket by ExceptionalSheets Review!

When it comes to scorching heat, Texas is one of the many states that gets it fair share. This heat finds you where ever you are and makes life harder than it needs to be. The A/C is constantly running in my home and even though it may be over 100 degrees outside, inside it's ice cold to make up for it. When we sleep at night our body heat naturally rises and to keep cool thin blankets or none at all is the key. That won't work for me, I need to be covered. The problem with many summer time blankets is that they are way too breathable. Meaning air wisps through it like an air filter. Honestly that seems to be to me a glorified throw and not a blanket at all.

Mia Mariu New Essential Oils Review!

Essential oils can alleviate so many aches and pains depending on what you use. There are a wide variety of essential oils on the market and finding the best brands to use can be quite tricky. Not all companies use the same amount of ingredients or quality and this can make a huge impact on your results. Whether you need oils for health or simply the nose appeal the more potent the better.

Yorkshire-Mayfair Luxury 1000 Thread 100% Cotton King Size Sheets Review!

When shopping for sheets to fit both your mattress and your need can be quite a task. So many brands out there claim to have exactly what your looking for but you actually get something entirely different. Resulting in sheets that do not fit properly, ones that snag and bunch up, fuzzy pile up or the worst, fabric that is similar to a Halloween costume. This makes shopping for sheets a hit or miss. I like to change things up a lot when it comes to sheets and not having many options bothers me. With Texas weather being so hot, cooler type sheets are much needed during all non-winter months.

Applejack Life Premium Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil Review!

Lavender is one of the most versatile essential oils out there. It's huge popularity isn't due to a trend but rather it's benefits. You see Lavender oil can treat several aliments and had been doing this since it's existence. Only the finest and most pure of it's oils produced will provide the best results.

Gurin Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Review!

Tired of falling asleep burning candles? What about using room sprays? They just don't get the job done. You want your room to be filled with the aroma that most appeals to you right? Enough questions, how about some answers. Candles are dangerous if left unattended and if you fall asleep, that's unattended. Room sprays only last for so long and leave a residue or dampness behind. It doesn't need to be this way anymore just so you can fill a room with aroma.

Gel Memory Foam 10" inch Mattress by ExceptionalSheets Review!

A good portion of everyday is used so we can sleep. Sleep is something that everyone in the world need to maintain a healthy mind and body. When you do not get enough sleep bad things can happen. I have seen it first hand. We ware ourselves so thin but have to stop and realize we are no good to anyone else if we are not at our best. This all starts with a well rested and comfortable nights sleep.

Twin 3" Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper Review!

When it comes to sleeping, without a proper nights sleep you are not useful to many. A good nights sleep is a vital need in all of our lives. When you are nice and comfortable you fall asleep easier and much faster. Memory foam's ability to reduce pressure points is one of the reasons so many people are using it to get the best night's sleep. Now you can enjoy the benefits of memory foam without having to buy a new mattress by adding this memory foam mattress topper to your existing spring, latex or even memory foam mattress. 

Bedphones Sleep Headphones Review!

For some, when resting your eyes to either nap or sleep noises can be quite annoying keeping you awake. So you use earplugs but they are uncomfortable and your left counting sheep. Bedphones are designed for sleep. At less than 1/4" total thickness, you can barely feel the foam-covered speakers lying flat against your ears. Earhooks made from soft, rubber-coated moldable memory wire provide a custom fit. Not only can you ignore unwanted noises, you can do it relaxed and comfortable. Their headphones are even compatible with all devices that accept a standard headphone plug!

Dream Essentials Zeepo Strapless Sleep Mask {w/ Dream Essence Sleep Serum} Review!

Looking for a comfortable eye mask that can block out all light, allowing you to catch some shut eye on your next flight? Unlike cheaper other masks, the Zeepo Strapless Sleep Mask has an added nose ridge which prevents any openings from letting in light that can keep you from sleep. Made to stay in place so your sleep will not be bothered by light. If you are looking for an eye mask that feels good and blocks light which helps you sleep the Zeepo Mask is the way to go.

Epoch Design OLIVIA DAKOTA Sleigh Twin Bed Review!

The Olivia Dakota Sleigh Bed features a traditional sleigh style and classic details that will transform any child's bedroom into a haven of style and elegance. The Olivia collection is built to last with eco-friendly solid Havea hardwood construction and traditional mortise and tenon joinery throughout. All pieces feature a non-toxic multi-coat white lacquer finish for lasting beauty. The Olivia Bed is available with a roll away twin trundle bed that easily converts to a 2-bay storage unit for space-saving convenience, and coordinates with all casegoods from the Dakota Collection.

Immortal Sleep Review!

Wake up refreshed and ready for the day! Be reminded of how great it feels to get an uninterrupted good night’s sleep. For people who have: difficulty falling asleep, poor quality sleep, irritability, agitation, fatigue, and lack of focus. This safe and effective, non habit forming formula has no side effects and no next day drowsiness.  Most people will suffer from insomnia at one time or another. Often due to stress and anxiety and the inability to “shut off the mind chatter.” Insomnia can quickly inhibit your body and mind’s ability to function at optimum levels. Sleeping pills can be helpful when all other efforts have failed. Immortal Sleep's natural herbal sleep aid is not only effective but also safe, non-habit forming and all with no next day grogginess.  If you have trouble with sleep and want to avoid the side effects of other sleeping pills, taking Immortal Herbs’ specially developed herbal sleep formulation will help you to regain the balance needed to ensure a deep peaceful slumber. Deep quality sleep is essential for your health and well being and allows your body to restore and renew. This herbal remedy is extremely safe and will allow deep relaxation and calm.  

Signature Sleep Essential - 6" Black Coil Mattress Review!

A good mattress can be very tricky to find. Going from store to store being told the sky is the limit on the comfort of the mattresses store associates are showing you. Is it true? Most people find out the hard way by purchasing their non-refundable mattress and discovering the comfort is equivalent to a bed of rocks. It doesn't have to be that way, not with Signature Sleep. They stand behind their mattresses.

Jammy Jams - Once Upon This Rock: Lullaby Renditions of Christian Rock CD Review!

I just love all sorts of music but finding something for my kiddo is really tough. Don't get me wrong, we all know there is so much to offer out there it's quite insane. After a probably hectic day you want to relax with your kiddo. That's where Jammy Jams makes everything all better. Getting the best of both worlds for you and your kiddo is exactly what they offer.