Signature Sleep Essential - 6" Black Coil Mattress Review!

A good mattress can be very tricky to find. Going from store to store being told the sky is the limit on the comfort of the mattresses store associates are showing you. Is it true? Most people find out the hard way by purchasing their non-refundable mattress and discovering the comfort is equivalent to a bed of rocks. It doesn't have to be that way, not with Signature Sleep. They stand behind their mattresses.
The Signature Sleep Essential 6" Coil Mattress incorporates all the necessary attributes to ensure a perfectly sound sleep, night after night, and year after year. This Essential 6 inch innerspring coil mattress is comprised of sturdy tempered steel coils that quickly respond in a great way to your body' s different pressure points while resting. These coils are nestled between polyester and foam layers for dream-worthy ultimate comfort, peaceful, and uninterrupted night's sleep. Also this eco-friendly foam mattress offers superior support that quickly adapts to your body's shape. This Signature Sleep mattress comes in a rolled vacuum sealed bag, so that you can easily transport it home. It is made of eco-friendly foam and is toxic free as well.
-Signature Sleep Essential 6" Mattress Tempered 
steel spring coils for years of unwavering support.
-Coil Counts: Twin = 216 / Full = 312
-For your convenience and even more cost savings, 
this mattress is shipped compressed, rolled and vacuum sealed.
-We care about your comfort, but we also care about the environment. This mattress contains certified eco-friendly foam, whose manufacturing process prevents volatile organic compounds (VOC's) from being released into the atmosphere.
-For your safety, this mattress meets federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633.
-Twin: 75" x 39" x 6"   -Full: 75" x 54" x 6"
-Great for platform beds. Requires foundation or box spring with standard bed frames.
Each mattress takes a full 48 hours once unpacked to take it's complete form. I honestly have never seen a mattress packed the way Signature Sleep does. 
Your eyes are not deceiving you this mattress really comes this way. Does it deter the comfort or strength though? Not at all. That's why you wait a full 48 hour once it has been completely removed from it's compressed form.
The compressed form is simple for manufacturing and shipping purposes. Not only benefiting the company but also making it more convenient for those of us who may not have a truck to carry a full size mattress. That can be quite a headache for many. Not only that, it reduces the shipping costs if any helping you save more!
Don't let the compressed form fool you. It did not impact the overall quality of the Signature Sleep Essential mattress in any way. As stated, they completely formed by 48 hours and did not show any signs of being previously compressed packaged. The springs are strong and fabric is fluff. The layers over the coils are supremely comfortable. You cannot feel any springs at all, the way a mattress should be. Above you see the mattresses completely formed and taking their role in my daughters twin bed. My daughter loves Signature Sleep. How do I know this? With on going sleep issues anything to help my daughter have a restful nights sleep is my up most priority. She not only does not toss and turn with Signature Sleep but she falls asleep comfortably. Her previous bed was a toddle bed with a crib mattress. There was no bounce or give in it, and it was a top of the line mattress. So having this wonderful Essential 6" Black Coil Mattress was quite refreshing for her. She can bounce and still fall asleep peacefully. We both highly recommend getting the Signature Sleep Mattress collection. Even if you don't have a twin there are other sizes to choose from too!
Right now you can score this same mattress in twin at Walmart for ONLY $107.88 and you can also get a full for ONLY $128.88! You can also enter to win a $500 Visa gift card on their Facebook page right now!!
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