FREE Printable Brushing Teeth & Washing Hands Steps Visual Cues!

Some children struggle more than others when it comes to understanding everyday tasks. Visual cues can be a great asset to these children in guiding them through. My daughter whom happens to have Autism thrives from using visual cues to coordinate her routines and guide her along the way. They also help her communicate because she cannot directly tell me. I set up visual cues at our sink for her to use to guide her through washing her hands and also brushing her teeth. I have seen such a tremendous benefit from them I thought I would customize them and provide them for you to print for free and make yourself!

Each visual cue step printable is premeasured at 1.5" to fit in an 1" tall card stock. 
You can use whatever backing you would like. 
 Simply place your ruler flat and even along the edge of your preferred paper and cut or lightly outline to prep for a cut, then cut. Place your cut out printed visual cue on top and space leaving a margin on each side. Then you can seal/cover these with clear packing tape, scotch tape or laminate. Once completed, use double sided adhesive sticky tape or Velcro to attach to your desired location. Now you are on your way to guiding your child through Brushing their Teeth and Washing their Hands!