Zipit "Sweet Dreams" Twin Bedding Review!

When it comes to bedding for the family, I look for quality and design. My daughter is super rambunctious and her bedding needs to be able to handle it. Most important, the over comfort of the bedding. Making beds everyday is part this moms life and anyway I can get the rest of the family to join in I am up for. With the Zipit bedding my daughter can make her own bed with ease and take a load off mommy. Not only that their adorable designs and cool side pocket, kids love them.

- Fun and interactive!
- Make & change your bed in seconds
- Kids stay tucked in & warm all night
- Wash & one!
- Super soft & durable
- Perfect for hard-to-make bunk beds
- Zippered side pocket to store your stuff!
Perfect for all sorts of styles of beds!
From a completely different room my daughter comes running into our living room right up to the television. Captivating her ears and eyes is the Zipit Bedding commercial. Right then my daughter fell in-love and I got a sweet idea. Bedding my daughter loves and makes my life easier, all while teaching my daughter to make her bed, WOW! Must try this right away! Shipping was very fast and didn't arrive in a flashy box, making it safe for me to sneak the box past my daughter. Making the bed has never been so fast before Zipit. It fits snug around the mattress with durable fabric that can handle a tug. The side pockets are great for all sorts of toys and small books to fit in. My daughter makes her own bed with ease with the Zipit bedding. In fact, she is so good at making her bed now, she wanted to show all of you in the picture below.
She just loves the Zipit bedding! It's both fun and comfortable for her to enjoy. When she sleeps I can zip her in (if not already zipped) rest assured she won't roll out during the night. I highly recommend the Zipit bedding! Making bedtime so much fun and taking a load off parents!
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