Yorkshire-Mayfair Luxury 1000 Thread 100% Cotton King Size Sheets Review!

When shopping for sheets to fit both your mattress and your need can be quite a task. So many brands out there claim to have exactly what your looking for but you actually get something entirely different. Resulting in sheets that do not fit properly, ones that snag and bunch up, fuzzy pile up or the worst, fabric that is similar to a Halloween costume. This makes shopping for sheets a hit or miss. I like to change things up a lot when it comes to sheets and not having many options bothers me. With Texas weather being so hot, cooler type sheets are much needed during all non-winter months.

Yorkshire-Mayfair claims to have 16" deep pocket sheets that are beyond luxury. With their sheets made of 100% Luxury Sateen Egyptian Cotton and a 1000 Thread Count. They include One Fitted Sheet, One Flat Sheet and Two Pillowcases. From the packaging they look absolutely divine and I couldn't wait to get them on my bed. I was skeptical from the beginning looking for any usual problematic signs sheets can irritate us all with. The sheets come with all pieces specified and extremely fast too. The Egyptian Cotton is thick enough not to bunch up but not like heavy sheet.
The most amazing feature these sheets provide is a cool touch. These sheets seem to maintain a cool temperature which is wonderful at night. This helps keep your body cool while your body heat rises while sleeping. This prevents sweating and restless sleep. Maybe you didn't know that it's not only the mattress your laying on that matters, the sheets you sleep with can take away your sleep. With the right fit, feel and texture you honestly feel like your sleeping on your own personalized cloud. The luxurious feel and view of these sheets make any bed look expensive. In this case they look so good you want to touch! Honestly I cannot complain about these sheets at all. They fit my bed perfectly and are actually way better than I ever imagined. With their wide variety of colors I can even change things up a bit with their help. Here is a brand you can count on that will provide absolutely dreamy sheets!
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