Gel Memory Foam 10" inch Mattress by ExceptionalSheets Review!

A good portion of everyday is used so we can sleep. Sleep is something that everyone in the world need to maintain a healthy mind and body. When you do not get enough sleep bad things can happen. I have seen it first hand. We ware ourselves so thin but have to stop and realize we are no good to anyone else if we are not at our best. This all starts with a well rested and comfortable nights sleep.

eLuxury Supply is a US veteran owned and operated family business that offers a wide-range of luxury mattresses, beds and bath linens. Their lineup features Egyptian cotton bed sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases as well as other products like mattress, mattress toppers, goose down comforters, 5-star Egyptian cotton bath robes and towel sets. eLuxury Supply mission is to provide customers with the highest quality Egyptian cotton sheet sets and bed linens in addition to top-notch customer service. The ExceptionalSheets Gel Memory Foam Mattress is made entirely in the USA and specifically tailored for your comfort. Their skilled craftsmen and suppliers assemble every mattress by hand according to the highest standards. That means each and every item is crafted to it's finest and inspected thoroughly. This way you can be rest assured of a good night's sleep!
Through the years my husband and I have endured what we thought was an outstanding mattress only to be fooled. This is where prices can deceive you. We thought since we were basically paying an arm and leg for our pillow top mattress that it must be wonderful. We were so wrong and then stuck with the disappointment that a pillow top just wasn't what we needed for a good nights sleep. We then opted for padding to put on our pillow top mattress only for it to eventually flatten out. What do you do? Mattresses do not grow on trees and we were duped. That's why when I can across the ExceptionalSheets Gel Memory Foam 10" inch Mattress I was beyond excited. Could this really be what we have been looking for? Will this mattress have us sleeping on cloud 9?
Layer Construction:
Top layer - 3" of 3.0lb density gel memory foam. This adjusts to your body, allowing relief to pressure points and aligning your spine, while also keeping you cool.
Bottom Layer - 7" of 1.8lb base foam
The foam used in our mattress is CertiPUR-US certified - No phthalates, no ozone depleters, no CFCs, no mercury, no lead or heavy metals, no formaldehyde, no PBDEs, and low emission (VOCs). Our mattress also meets federal famibility standard 16 CFR 1633.
When the ExceptionalSheets mattress arrived it was in an extremely heavy box. Box really? I am so very serious an actual box. You see the gel memory foam has no springs what so ever. Without those pesky things in the way they can vacuum seal each mattress into a smaller form. The mattress was completely vacuum sealed and protected all around inside the box. This is for sure a two person job, I highly recommend a strong helper. For me that would be my loving husband making sure I did not crush myself with either the box or removed mattress. Once the vacuum plastic seal has been removed it just forms into place sort of like it's being inflated. Instead it is actually taking it's true form. Even though it doesn't say to I let it set by itself for 24 hours. Believe me it was really hard to do, I just wanted to let it breath.
The ExceptionalSheets 60" x 80" mattress fit perfectly with my queen size bed frame. Other memory foam companies do not have washable covers but this one does! No worrying about ripping the foam somehow, it's protected. Keep in mind I have lived the life of mattresses with springs inside and this is all new to me. Honestly it took less than a minute to know that this mattress was by far way better than any pillow top spring mattress ever thought about. Exceedingly outstanding in every single area down to the tinyest detail. Gel Memory Foam, where have you been all my life? You really do not know what your missing until you have the chance to spend only a couple minutes with one of these glorious mattresses.
My husband and I have both noticed quite a change in our sleep routine. Our backs which have suffered for many years, are finally getting the support they need. When laying down the mattress hugs your body like a glove. It's firm enough to not swallow you but soft enough to contour around your body. No need to buy special sheets either! Standard queen size sheets actually fit this mattress better than our old pillow top mattress and they are the same height. My sheets fit snug and are secure with the mattress to stay in their place all night long. The mattress stays well ventilated through the wonderfully made foam, leaving it cool to touch. Partner disturbance is not an issue with the ExceptionalSheets mattress. When getting in out of bed neither my husband or I are bothered by the others ones movement. Our Boston Terriers love to sleep in the bed also and move around quite often. This has disturbed our sleep for years and we really didn't notice how bad it was until we experienced gel memory foam. Each morning we feel more rested than ever and know it's because of the lack of disturbed sleep. Overall this mattress is better than any spring mattress and stands true to every positive thing you have ever heard about memory foam. Don't let your sleep suffer simply because your mattress isn't getting the job done, get a ExceptionalSheets Gel Memory Foam mattress and take your sleep back.
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