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DIY Homemade Crayon Valentine's Gifts + Free Printables!

These are too cute and even more fun to make. Instead of going to the store and buying pre-made Valentine's I chose to make my own for my daughters class this year. You never know who is allergic to what so this is a safe way to ensure everyone gets to enjoy their Valentine. Below I will show you what to do and just how easy these are to make!

DIY Heart Crayons!

How adorable are these? Surprisingly they are easy to make if you have some extra time to spare. They are great to share with friends, party favors, teacher gifts, Valentine's  and so much more. Below I have compiled all the details you need to make these awesome heart crayons yourself. Complete with instructions, pictures and even tips! Enjoy!

DIY Heart Shaped Egg In A Frame Breakfast!

If your wanting to add a bit of creativeness to your morning or celebrate love with food, this is for you. Perfect way to show someone you love them for birthdays, holidays, special occasions and just because. Make a super easy heart shaped egg in a frame without needing to be a crafty person. Anyone can make them with the right directions.