DIY Homemade Crayon Valentine's Gifts + Free Printables!

These are too cute and even more fun to make. Instead of going to the store and buying pre-made Valentine's I chose to make my own for my daughters class this year. You never know who is allergic to what so this is a safe way to ensure everyone gets to enjoy their Valentine. Below I will show you what to do and just how easy these are to make!

Heart Silicone Mold
Boxes of Crayons or Large Crayon Set
2" x 3" Clear Cellophane Baggies
White Cardstock or Standard White Printer Paper
Construction Paper or Colored Cardstock
Scissors or paper cutter
Double Sided Sticky Tape
Clear Tape

STEP 1: Go to my tutorial HERE and make the heart shaped crayons.
STEP 2: Take this image HERE (Happy Valentine's) and paste into your Word program document or equivalent program (.pdf). Paste the image as many time as needed for the number of gifts you are making. (This image has been premeasured 200x100 to fit just as you see below.)
Do the same for these labels HERE (This is a Crayon)
STEP 3: If you choose add FROM: Child's Name, below each Valentine's image pasted manually.
STEP 4: Print onto your white cardstock or white standard paper.
STEP 5: Cut each one out using your scissors or paper cutter.
STEP 6: Take your colored cardtock/construction paper and cut 2.5" x 1.5" rectangles. Or you can lay your previously cut Valentine's images on and center then cut using them as your tool.
STEP 7: Using your double sided tape, adhere the image onto the colored paper rectangles.
STEP 8: Using your scissors or paper cutter, cut all the "This is a Crayon' labels".
STEP 9: Put 1 heart crayon inside each individual 2" x 3" cellophane.
STEP 10: Using your double sided tape, adhere the finished "Happy Valentine's" on the center of where the heart shows through the cellophane.
STEP 11: Fold the remaining cellophane over and using your clear tape, trap the "This is a Crayon" label between the tape and cellophane as a closure. This will seal the back and be the first thing they see when opening.
STEP 12: Repeat this process until all gifts have been created.

With the overload of candy kiddos receive on Valentine's Day this is a great way to change things up a bit. You never know who may be allergic to what, this way everyone wins! No kid left without!

- This Heart Mold one can be found Online and in select stores.
- Other design mold can be found in select stores and Online.
- Crayons can be found in most stores and Online.
- Cellophane can be found at select stores, Party City and Online.
- Double Side Tape can be found at Office Supply Stores, Super Centers and Online.
- Clear Tape can be found at Office Supply Stores, Super Centers and Online.

Please use the "This is a Crayon" to let each child know it is not food.

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