TEMPO Sports Armband for iPhone 5 Review!

When out and about jogging, running, hiking, well anything where you need your hands free, you want your phone. My phone is a must have to bring with me everywhere I go. Pay phones are scarce and if I don't have room for a phone I wouldn't have room for coins anyway. Having an armband to carry my phone while I am on the move is absolutely wonderful. You can listen to music, talk on the phone or just leave it be, all while your phone is attached to your arm. How cool is that?
✔ HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIAL AND DESIGN: Their fabric is specifically chosen for its SMOOTHNESS AND SOFTNESS against the skin. The precision molded neoprene will not chafe or pinch your arm, providing maximum comfort. 
✔ FULLY ADJUSTABLE: The neoprene fabric and the adjustable Velcro strap makes it a custom fit to whatever you are wearing - extremely comfortable both on a bare arm or over a sleeve of a jacket - it can also be adjusted to fit both larger and smaller arms.
✔ ZERO SLIPPAGE: The precision molded neoprene is lightweight but very tough. This high quality armband is one of the thinnest, most flexible and most comfortable armbands you will find and stays in place perfectly. 
✔ BUILT-IN KEY HOLDER: There is a handy pocket to hold your key or you could also store some spare cash too! 
✔ HEAVY DUTY SEE THROUGH PROTECTIVE COVER : You can access your iPhone's touch screen through the clear, water-resistant protective cover.
✔ ANYWHERE ANYTIME: Don't forget that this armband is not just for sports! You can talk on the phone or listen to tunes while doing cooking, cleaning, gardening, fishing, shopping, dog walking, reading, travelling, or or anywhere else where you need your phone accessible but out of the way.
✔ COMES WITH A SPECIAL BONUS: For a Limited Time Only Tempo is giving away a Top Quality MULTI PURPOSE STYLUS PEN worth $9.99. It can be used as both a Stylus Pen to navigate your phone's touch screen and as a Ball Point Pen to write down those important notes.

If you love to be physically active and you need your iPhone with you for calls or music, this is your best possible solution to the problem you've been having: carrying your phone in your pocket! You'll keep your iPhone safe and secure at all times. You'll love the easy access to the audio ports - so you can quickly plug or unplug your earphones or buds. Plus, even your iPhone's touch screen can be directly accessed through the clear, water-resistant screen protector. Whilst not exactly 100% water-proof - this fully-neoprene armband is able to keep moisture away from your phone. And, it's flexible enough to comfortably adjust to small and large arms. Great emphasis and care has been made to insist on top comfort and their fabric is specially chosen for its smoothness and softness against the skin. There are absolutely no fasteners that could chaff your skin. It comes with an integrated key pouch, and it is hand-washable because the fabric is breathable. Even though it states iPhone 5, I have the iPhone 5S and it fits like a glove. Unlike other armbands that are made of the cheapest materials, this one is high quality and made to last.
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