DIY Heart Shaped Egg In A Frame Breakfast!

If your wanting to add a bit of creativeness to your morning or celebrate love with food, this is for you. Perfect way to show someone you love them for birthdays, holidays, special occasions and just because. Make a super easy heart shaped egg in a frame without needing to be a crafty person. Anyone can make them with the right directions.

* Bread (any kind)
* Butter or Butter Substitute
* Egg
* Powdered Sugar
* Pancake Syrup (optional)
* Salt & Pepper (optional)

* Heart Shaped Cutter
* Spatula
* Non-Stick Pan/Skillet

* STEP 1: Preheat your skillet to low-med or medium heat.
* STEP 2: Take your heart butter and cut out a heart from the center of your slice of bread.
* STEP 3: Butter or butter substitue on the frame of the bread on place into skillet.
* STEP 4: Flip bread over once one side is toasted. 
* STEP 5: Then immediately put your egg (scrabbled or pouched) into the heart center.
* STEP 6: Allow to cook until brown, usually just a few minutes and flip.
* STEP 7:  The other side will most likely not keep the heart shape but it doesn't matter. Once side will have the heart. Add optional salt & pepper.
* STEP 8: Remove from pan/skillet and toast both sides of the heart cut out.
* STEP 9: Using the heart cutter, place it on top of the already made heart in a frame and fill the center with powdered sugar. 
* STEP 10: Put your heart cut out on top of the powdered sugar heart.
* STEP 11: Eat & Enjoy! Put your choice of pancake syrup and it turns into a treat!

* Ingredients can be found at your local grocery store.
* Heart Shaped Cutter can be found at Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target and Online.