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DIY Candle Wax Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Tarts! {2 Ways}

Who doesn't love making their home smell wonderful, especially when guests come over? Everyone I know does, I bet you do too. Whether it be a regular old day or special occasion, I love filling my entire home with different scented wax tarts. Anyone with a warmer knows that pre-bought wax can be quite pricey. My 'go to' mold is the puzzle piece in honor of my daughter with autism. Not only do they bring an amazing scent to fill my home but spreading autism awareness. In my family, ‘all the pieces fit’! Below you will find all the details of how to make your own wax tarts from scratch and from using other candles as well.

DIY Homemade Scented Bath Salts!

Bath salts are used because of the many wonderful benefits they provide. Minerals within bath salts can alleviate pain and soreness, detoxify your skin and relax your muscles. Different scents create different benefits from help with sleep to helping with breathing. Did you know they are easy to make if you know how? It's true! You can create your own bath salt to fit what your body needs. I made the lavender in the images because it is the far most beneficial for my entire family. The lavender helps calm and relax your body helping most anyone in it's path get to sleep. This helps my kiddo wind down from a long day as well as my husband and I. Let me show you how to make some for yourself, friends and loved ones.

DIY Candle Wax Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Tarts!

Whether your wanting to turn your candles into puzzle piece tarts or any kind of tarts below you will find out exactly what to do! These steps are to guide you through to making these lovely tarts! I made puzzle piece tarts in honor of my daughter who has Autism. Each of my candles have been melted down and turned into puzzle pieces. You see, Autism is like a puzzle but not all the pieces fit. Everyday we strive to put all the pieces together. Each time I melt a puzzle piece tart I not only fill my home with a wonderful fragrant smell of my choosing, I honor my daughter and the struggles she faces. You may choose to use the same mold as I have or a different one in which you will find out where to get them below. First lets get you started on how to make them.