DIY Candle Wax Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Tarts!

Whether your wanting to turn your candles into puzzle piece tarts or any kind of tarts below you will find out exactly what to do! These steps are to guide you through to making these lovely tarts! I made puzzle piece tarts in honor of my daughter who has Autism. Each of my candles have been melted down and turned into puzzle pieces. You see, Autism is like a puzzle but not all the pieces fit. Everyday we strive to put all the pieces together. Each time I melt a puzzle piece tart I not only fill my home with a wonderful fragrant smell of my choosing, I honor my daughter and the struggles she faces. You may choose to use the same mold as I have or a different one in which you will find out where to get them below. First lets get you started on how to make them.

You Will Need:
* A basic plate warmer
* Scented candle in a jar or glass dish
* Access to a Freezer
* Aluminum Foil
* Heat resistant gloves
* Tongs
* Tray larger than your mold

STEP 1: Turn on your warmer and place your candle on the plate. Allow candle to completely turn into liquid. (This will take several hours for a large candle)

STEP 2: Once your candle has completely melted carefully pull out any wicks with your tongs and discard. (I was removing wicks from more than one candle in this pic)

STEP 3: Carefully pour your hot candle wax (using your gloves) from the candle jar into the glass measuring cup. Only fill 1 cup at a time. Put candle back on warmer plate.

STEP 4: Immediately pour the measuring cup wax into your puzzle piece mold (that is on a tray) filling only 3/4 of each. Pour remainder wax back into candle that is back on it's warmer.

STEP 5: Put your now wax filled puzzled piece mold on it's tray in your freezer and leave for 20 - 30 minutes or until wax has hardened. (turns back to pre-melted color)

STEP 6: Once hard, carefully peal your mold away from each piece. They should come out very easy without much effort.

STEP 7: Store your new puzzle piece tarts in a sealed container to maintain their scent. I recommend a different container per scent.


* Wrap foil around your candle on the warmer to melt even the wax that may be stuck at the top.

* Using wax paper under your mold can catch the spilt wax so you can reuse it.

* Heat the measuring cup on your warmer to get every drop of wax out.

* Use paper towels, napkins or cotton balls to soak up left over melted wax from your jars and warmers. (Be careful wax absorbs quicker than you would think)

* Burning all but an 1/8" of wax and place your jar in the freezer for a few hours. Your remaining wax will crack allowing you to simply chip it out with ease using a butter knife or spatula. Put the wax chip pieces in your warmer.

* For easy cleaning you can simply wash your silicone mold in your dishwasher.

* Keep out of reach of children
* Do not leave your warmer unattended
* Always use gloves when handling hot wax

Puzzle Piece Silicone Mold - Other Silicone Mold Designs
(Note: The Puzzle Piece warmer shown above is a discontinued limited edition Scentsy warmer. Please see your local Scentsy representative to find one.)

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