DIY Candle Wax Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Tarts! {2 Ways}

Who doesn't love making their home smell wonderful, especially when guests come over? Everyone I know does, I bet you do too. Whether it be a regular old day or special occasion, I love filling my entire home with different scented wax tarts. Anyone with a warmer knows that pre-bought wax can be quite pricey. My 'go to' mold is the puzzle piece in honor of my daughter with autism. Not only do they bring an amazing scent to fill my home but spreading autism awareness. In my family, ‘all the pieces fit’! Below you will find all the details of how to make your own wax tarts from scratch and from using other candles as well.

What You Need:
- Candle Wax (Paraffin or Soy)
- Fragrance Oil
- Candle Dye (Optional) 
- Ladle
- Metal Pot
- Glass Bowl
Heat Resistant Gloves (Optional - Recommended)
Puzzle Piece Silicone Mold
Tray (Larger Than Your Mold)
Access to a Freezer (Optional)

1. Bring 1" to 2" of water to a simmer over medium heat in a small metal pot. Cover the opening of the metal pot with a glass bowl creating a double boiler.

2. Put the wax in the glass bowl, leaving your water at a simmer. Allow the wax to completely melt, stirring occasionally.

3. Remove from the heat (using heat resistant gloves) and add your desired essential oils and dye. (Usually 20 - 30 drops for standard scent and 40 - 50 drops for an extreme scent, have your nose help you decide) (Follow instructions on wax dye for desired color tone you prefer)

4. Carefully pour melted wax into the puzzle mold using your ladle.

5. Put your now wax filled puzzled piece mold on it's tray in your freezer and leave for 20 - 30 minutes or until wax has hardened. Without using your freezer, leave mold on a flat surface to air dry, this will take an hour or more.

6. Once the wax has hardened, carefully peal your mold away from each piece. They should come out very easy without much effort.

7. Store your new puzzle piece tarts in a sealed container to maintain their scent. I recommend a different container per scent so you do not mix scents together.

Puzzle Piece Silicone Mold - Other Silicone Mold Designs

Super easy to make if you already have a few scented candles lying around. This post includes step by step pictures.

"All The Pieces Fit!"

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