DIY Homemade Scented Bath Salts!

Bath salts are used because of the many wonderful benefits they provide. Minerals within bath salts can alleviate pain and soreness, detoxify your skin and relax your muscles. Different scents create different benefits from help with sleep to helping with breathing. Did you know they are easy to make if you know how? It's true! You can create your own bath salt to fit what your body needs. I made the lavender in the images because it is the far most beneficial for my entire family. The lavender helps calm and relax your body helping most anyone in it's path get to sleep. This helps my kiddo wind down from a long day as well as my husband and I. Let me show you how to make some for yourself, friends and loved ones.

- 2 Cups of Epsom Salt
- 1 teaspoon of Witch Hazel
- Food Coloring (assorted colors) (10 - 15 drops)
- 10 - 15 Drops of Essential Oil

- Mixing Bowl
- Fork
- Measuring Cup
- Measuring Spoon
- Funnel
- 1 pint Jar or Container (with a lid)

* STEP 1: Pour the Epsom Salt, Witch Hazel, and Essential Oil into your bowl and mix together.
* STEP 2: Drop your food coloring in one drop at a time while still stirring and continue to stir until color is completely even.

* STEP 3: Take your funnel and place it over the opening of your jar/container and pour your bath salt mix inside. 

*STEP 4: Put the lid on and decorate your new jar/container filled with beneficial goodness. 


Where can you find the ingredients?
- Epsom Salt is in the medical section at most drug stores or online.
- Funnel can be found in automotive or craft stores, also online.
- Witch Hazel is in the medical section at most drug stores or online.
- Essential Oils are easily found online.
- Food Coloring can be found on the baking isle at most grocery stores or online.
- Jars/Containers can be found at your grocery stores, dollar tree and online.

When shopping for the right essential oil to use simply narrow down your problem areas. Then find which essential oils benefits will help you. Each essential oils description will tell you all about the benefits from using it. So if your wanting a morning energizing bath or relaxing night time bath you will have the right ingredients.

You can color coordinate your bath salts to match the scent or your decor. You can even have fun and make holiday themes, sports themes, baby shower gifts, school themes and so much more. There are so many fun ways to enjoy bath salts. Get creative and have some fun!

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