Saturday, January 24, 2015

Francois et Mimi Carousel Cupcake Holder Review!

My daughter is a cupcake fanatic. In fact. my entire family just can't get enough. When it comes to displaying them either for an average day, get together or party, a boring plate will not do the job. I work hard making sure I do add just the right amount of ingredients and do not burn them they deserve to be shown off. 
As you can see above, it comes in several pieces in which you will need to put together. It comes with no instructions but is very easy to assemble. I simply looked at the picture on the box and a coupon twists later it was put together. Once you have put everything together, there ends up being two large pieces. These two piece stack on one another creating a rotating carousel. 
I absolutely love this cupcake holder beyond words really. The best I can do is remind you that it rotates completely around. No need to actually put your cupcakes on the center of the table. Even in a corner they will get noticed with this cupcake holder. You, your family and guests no longer will need to reach behind for another cupcake. The iron used is crafted in a beautiful design sure to please anyone who lays their eyes on it. It's so versatile too. I can see it at any holiday, event, get together, party, well any occasion honestly. Both elegant and functional to it's best this cupcake holder is stunning. I recommend this highly due to the overall quality, durability, design and performance is outstanding.
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  1. That truly is very pretty and seems like the perfect piece to use to showcase your cupcakes. I am sitting here thinking that it probably could be used to showcase other items as well.

    1. Oooh it could showcase all sorts of things. My daughter has already started finding lots of things to display in it. She is really silly.

  2. What a gorgeous way to display cupcakes for a party! I especially love the bright colored liners and sprinkles you used - definitely ties in the white cupcake holder so it all really POPS!


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