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How To Be Frugal And Financially Independent!

Many people have the wrong idea about financial independence. Their opinion on the matter involves being a millionaire with unlimited resources, but oftentimes millionaires have few liquid assets and are deeply in debt. However, anyone can be financially independent, even a modest middle-income salary - if you follow a few frugal steps, it's not as hard as you think!

Free Earn & Play App! (a $79 Value)

Free Earn & Play App! 
(a $79 Value)
Use Promo Code: EPBETA for the first 10,000 subscribers (a $79 Value).
Earn & Play is a new mobile application that rewards shoppers with cash,
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**The E&P app allows shoppers to earn rewards by simply interacting
with brands as they shop the grocery store aisles.
Our app will allow consumers to earn potentially hundreds of dollars a year while they shop,
” said E&P co-founder Pablo Arellano Jr. “We anticipate that Earn and Play
will be a new and innovative way for companies to reach out and connect
with their consumers to drive in-store sales and brand recall in a more cost-effective way.”
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Free App & Free Card Reader! Get Paid Anywhere!

Free App & Free Card Reader! 
Get Paid Anywhere!
Getting started with Pay Anywhere couldn't be easier. Just download the free app from the App Store or Android Market, set up your account, and you'll receive a free card reader that's small enough to fit in your pocket or your purse. So sign-up today and start accepting credit cards on your iPhone, Android, or iPad.
They don't require you to process a minimum amount each month and there are no hidden fees: setup, monthly or cancellation fees. It really is that simple - no surprises.
Credit card data doesn't get stored on the phone, the app or the terminal. As soon as the card is swiped or keyed, credit card data is certified to be at the highest level of compliance to ensure that your customer's information remains safe. And unlike other processors, they'll set you up with your own unique account. 
No more turning away credit cards at garage sales!
Get that money your friend borrowed on the spot!

CVS $7 Money Maker on Physicians Formula Eye Booster After Rebate!

CVS $7 Money Maker on Physicians Formula 
Eye Booster After Rebate!
CVS has an Extra Bucks Promo this week on Physicians Formula Cosmetics, 
spend $10 or more and get $7 Extra Bucks Reward. Limit 1 reward.  
 Physicians  Formula  Eye Booster 2in1 Day & Night Lash Boosting Serum is $11.49. 
  Make sure your item has a TRY ME FREE sticker on it.  
You can find details on the rebate here. 
$11.49 – $11.49 Try me free rebate =FREE  
Plus get $7 Extra Bucks Rewards–$7 money maker.
You can choose other products to Try Me Free stated on the rebate page.
Get this Money Maker Now - 3/3