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How To Clean Your MICROWAVE Without Cleaner! *ALL NATURAL*

Oh boy do I have a frugal and easy way to clean your dreaded microwave. No previous cleaning experience required. If you can open and close your microwave, you can do this too. It genius and you won't even break a sweat! No harsh chemical lurking around your food and money saved from not buying harsh cleaning products!!

115 Frugal Date Night Ideas!

There are so many places to go and spend lots of money while fighting the crowds these days. How is that romantic or even worth the money spent? Many can leave you with a nice headache and an empty wallet by the end of the night. If you have kiddos someone is going to have to pay the babysitter too. A date night can end up costing you a small fortune. But why? It doesn't have to with this extremely long list of ideas I compiled for you. See for yourself!!!

How To Be Frugal And Financially Independent!

Many people have the wrong idea about financial independence. Their opinion on the matter involves being a millionaire with unlimited resources, but oftentimes millionaires have few liquid assets and are deeply in debt. However, anyone can be financially independent, even a modest middle-income salary - if you follow a few frugal steps, it's not as hard as you think!