How To Clean Your MICROWAVE Without Cleaner! *ALL NATURAL*

Oh boy do I have a frugal and easy way to clean your dreaded microwave. No previous cleaning experience required. If you can open and close your microwave, you can do this too. It genius and you won't even break a sweat! No harsh chemical lurking around your food and money saved from not buying harsh cleaning products!!
You will need:
-Measuring cup or bowl
-2 rags
This is how you do it:
*Pour one cup vinegar (into a 2-cup measuring cup or bowl) 
then add one cup of hot water to that.
*Place measuring cup or bowl in the microwave and heat for 5-10 minutes 
(depending on the power of your microwave)
*CAREFULLY remove the cup or bowl with the HOT liquid using something 
to protect your hand from the heat (I use an oven mitt!) 
and wipe out the inside with a wet rag.
*Go over with a dry rag and BAM your done!
No elbow grease required!!