115 Frugal Date Night Ideas!

There are so many places to go and spend lots of money while fighting the crowds these days. How is that romantic or even worth the money spent? Many can leave you with a nice headache and an empty wallet by the end of the night. If you have kiddos someone is going to have to pay the babysitter too. A date night can end up costing you a small fortune. But why? It doesn't have to with this extremely long list of ideas I compiled for you. See for yourself!!!

1. Go on a walk
2. Watch a movie
3. Go to the lake
4. Go fishing
5. Scavenger hunt
6. Make a puzzle
7. Karaoke
8. Make dinner together
9. Make ice cream with fun toppings
10. Create contests
11. Draw each other
12. Jump on the trampoline
13. Hot tub
14. Play Cards
15. Play board games
16. Recap on YouTube with old music videos
17. Take a bath together
18. Roast marshmallows in a homemade (safe) fire or over a flame
19. Make a pizza together out of unique ingredients
20. Feed ducks old bread
21. Biking
22. Go to the pet store
23. Watch Netflix
24. Camp inside
25. Take pictures
26. Ice skating
27. Look at the stars (lay a blanket down)
28. Drive-In Movie
29. Mini golfing
30. Clip coupons together
31. Make an Ice Cream Sunday
32. Picnic
33. Swap meet
34. Go to Garage sales
35. Take a drive
36. Paint the house
37. Gardening
38. Write a song together
39. Write love letters to each other
40. Wash the car together
41. Wash the dogs together
42. Go get an Ice Cream Cone
43. Frisbee
44. Candlelit dinner
45. Play paintball
46. Play catch with a Football
47. Dance together
48. Search Groupon/Living Social for cheap deals
49. Swing on the swings
50. Double date out to eat
51. Go play pool
52. Go to a farm and pick fruit
53. Give each other a massage
54. Go to a play
55. Watch the sunset
56. Bake each other cookies
57. Outdoor concert
58. Go the an aquarium
59. Organize the house together
60. Have a garage sale
61. Play hangman, tic-tac-toe, etc.
62. Do Blind-folded food tasting
63. Pick out a things for each other at the $1 store
64. Look at each others old yearbook photos
65. Go window shopping
66. Browse Pinterest
67. Browse Craigslist together
68. Go to a matinee
69. Take dogs for a walk together
70. Feed each other
71. Carpet picnic inside
72. Go to the Farmers market
73. Go on a Geo-caching treasure hunt
74. Go to a local college/high school sports game
75. Have a water fight with balloons or water guns
76. Make a list of 100+ date ideas together
77. Go to the Museum
78. Go To an Art Show
79. Play Basketball (or any other sport)
80. Take turns playing Instant Win Games (see my list)
81. Play video games
82. Go to the arcade
83. Walk animals at the animal shelter
84. Go to the Zoo
85. Play hide and seek
86. Help at a homeless shelter
87. Get your palms read
88. Go to the fair
89. Plant a tree or flowers
90. Go to consignment store to find inexpensive decor or goodies
91. Roll down a hill together
92. Skip rocks at the lake or a creek
93. Make a list (10) of all the things you love about each other and exchange
94. Play a board game like Monopoly or Clue
95. Reminisce of when you first met
96. Make a photo shoot (be creative)
97. Organize your "junk drawer" together
98. Vacuum out each others vehicle
99. Go to the library
100. Read a story to each other
101. Start a new photo album with unsorted pictures
102. Have a dance-off
103. Nature hunt together (great for decorations)
104. Search Pinterest for a meal recipe you both love and make together
105. Write a love letter to each other
106. Give each other a manicure
107. Wash each others hair
108. Race from one side of the street/backyard to the other (see who wins)
109. Mix your own drinks, see who makes the best mix (21+ Drink Responsibly)
110. Go flower, fruit, wheat, etc. picking
111. Go through old photo albums together
112. Go through each others clothing and pick your favorites
113. Take a bubble bath together
114. Go to the place where you first kissed
115. Make a "Memory Time Capsule" bury it in the backyard