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Farming: Then and Now!

Farming has been in existence since the world began. Without farming, we would cease to exist. Throughout thousands of years farming has changed quite a bit. From the tools used to the type of people doing the farming. Most picture a rugged man covered from head to toe with dirt everywhere and sweat on his brow. In some cases honestly that's still true but in many cases it isn't. There are generations after generations of farming families men women and children working together for one goal. That goal is to provide the best goods for their families and ours.

Meet The Boyd Family - One of America's "Finest" Farmers!

Farmers are the heart and soul of our county. Without there unending devotion to providing food for our families we would be without. Growing up in Texas, I have always been surrounded by farms of many kinds and know the hard work that is put into each and every farm. These farmers are making a huge impact everyday and must be acknowledged for how completely awesome they are. It is easy to overlook where our milk, corn, bread, and even the cotton that made our clothing came from. For farmers like the Boyd family, they are reminded everyday.

Easy & Frugal Way To Pit Your Strawberries!

Hate wasting precious bits of strawberry after you cut?
Me too, that's why I had to share this simple way to get the most out of your strawberries.
All you need is a strawberry and a drinking straw.
Turn your strawberry stem down and push the straw through the tip to the stem.
That's it. No cutting, wasting, and it was fast and easy.
Now go save more of that delicious berry and enjoy!