Farming: Then and Now!

Farming has been in existence since the world began. Without farming, we would cease to exist. Throughout thousands of years farming has changed quite a bit. From the tools used to the type of people doing the farming. Most picture a rugged man covered from head to toe with dirt everywhere and sweat on his brow. In some cases honestly that's still true but in many cases it isn't. There are generations after generations of farming families men women and children working together for one goal. That goal is to provide the best goods for their families and ours.

Farms are corporate chains, nope not at all. In fact, 96% of farms are owned by individual families. Understandably it is easy to confuse simply because farms are just so huge how can they not be a corporation. That is for account purposes to organize and maintain the structure of their farming company. They not only start from a small seed but even make sure contaminants are not in our food. Modern farms are a lot more safe than they used to be. Whether it be the equipment used or health care provided farmers have every ones best interest at heart. Farming has come a long way since the dawn of time, farmers now work with less and produce more. 

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