Groupon Account Hackers - What You Need To Know!

Believe it or not, this week my Groupon account was hacked into and someone else tried to buy a laptop. Yes, this actually happened and here is why. Did you know when you buy something from Groupon your credit card information is saved? No three digit authorization needed to make a purchase, simply hit the "Buy Now" button and your done. Perfect for hackers but bad for me and everyone else this has happened to. Here is what you can do. Now I am not saying you can't score a sweet deal off Groupon cause believe me I have before. I am simply saying go check your existing account and delete your saved credit card information. If you plan to make a purchase from them, make sure to delete your card information afterwards. So if a hacker comes across your account they will come up empty handed. I was lucky enough to catch before the item was even able to ship and I received my money back. Huge lesson learned for me that I am passing on to you, be safe.