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Groupon Account Hackers - What You Need To Know!

Believe it or not, this week my Groupon account was hacked into and someone else tried to buy a laptop. Yes, this actually happened and here is why. Did you know when you buy something from Groupon your credit card information is saved? No three digit authorization needed to make a purchase, simply hit the "Buy Now" button and your done. Perfect for hackers but bad for me and everyone else this has happened to. Here is what you can do. Now I am not saying you can't score a sweet deal off Groupon cause believe me I have before. I am simply saying go check your existing account and delete your saved credit card information. If you plan to make a purchase from them, make sure to delete your card information afterwards. So if a hacker comes across your account they will come up empty handed. I was lucky enough to catch before the item was even able to ship and I received my money back. Huge lesson learned for me that I am passing on to you, be safe.

FREE Groupon Credit $1-$500! TODAY 11/29 ONLY!

Groupon is having a $100,000,000 Black Friday giveaway! They are randomly putting Groupon Bucks into people’s accounts ranging $1- $500! I just scored $2 (look at the top for the below above after you log in). Some people will also get a $25,000 Groupon shopping spree AND $5,000 cash! Today 11/29 Only!

$10 Target Gift Card Only $5! (Smart Phone Users)

Simply download the Groupon App 
and you will be able to score a $10 Target gift card for JUST $5. 
Once downloaded register or login, locate the offer which should be featured.
You can then purchase the deal and immediately get your gift card
to use in store. No printing required, just show from your phone at checkout!