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Lips-n-Eyes "Ultimate Cosmetics Organizer" Review!

Unless you only wear a few choice pieces of makeup, your like me and have way too much. Knowing what I have to work with right in front of me is the key to not spending my day in front of a complete mess. Having an organizer is the obvious choice here but where to go from there... Let me tell you, I have had my share of organizers that quite frankly weren't worth a single dime. Functionality wise that is. How can you be organized if your organizer isn't even organized?? With the right organizer you save money buy not buying products you already have but couldn't see before and you know where everything is.

Nite Ize Gear Ties Review!

Cords constantly getting tangled in your life? Me too, along with everyone who has anything with a cord. Instead of untangling my cords with every use, I prefer to simply  have them organized. Finding clever ways to do so has always been my motive. Now I will share with you one of the most awesome yet!

Oval 14 Hole SCARF Hanger ONLY $2.99 SHIPPED!

 If your like me and LOVE scarfs then you know all about how it can be quite a task to keep up with them. This handy dandy scarf organizer will keep all your favorite scarfs in one place nice and neat. Features a hook that can rotate freely at 360 degrees, so it's convenient and easy to use. It also bends at both ends, to keep your clothes off deformation effectively. Simply use these delicate scarf holders and you will have a perfect space. + Comes with bonus cable tie.
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Grandma's Little Lilly Coupon Organizer Review & Giveaway! WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Grandma's Little Lilly has teamed up with Frugal Mom and Wife 
to bring you this awesome exclusive giveaway!!
I love color, organization, etsy, coupons, eye catching designs, functionality,
and well tons more. I combined the stated and found Grandma's Little Lilly.
WOW! The cutest way to organize your coupons.
I admit it, I can be a mess when it comes to coupons.
Not everyone has the time to layout all and then coordinate, but even if you do...
... it can be a complete mess. Who wants that? Not me!!
Grandma's Little Lilly is not just genius with the fabric designs 
but making it so much easier for you to save your money.
How? If you can't find your coupons, you don't save any money.
We all know how that goes. "It was in my back pocket and forgot.", 
"Hold on it's in my purse somewhere.", "I could have sworn I clipped that coupon, arrrgghh!"
Couponing doesn't need to be hard. It can be completely stylish and organized too!
I absolutely love my coupon organizer!! (shown above)
The quality is outstanding with it's vibrant colors and impeccable stitching.
The index tabbed cards are awesome and even come with pre-made labels.
Stores, categories of groceries, bills, receipts, and more.
I love that added touch, last thing I want to do is take away from the beauty of
this organizer by creating my own labels. Grandma's Little Lilly really nailed it!!
You can even strap it onto your shopping cart, so convenient.
Whatever your style, Grandma's Litlle Lilly has one perfect for you.
So many beautiful and vibrant designs to choose from!!
Can't wait? Must have on right now?
Visit Grandma's Little Lillys' WEBSITE on ETSY for all your coupon organizing needs!
Use coupon code "lillypad" and get 10% off your order!!
WIN your very own Coupon Organizer specially designed by
Grandma's Little Lilly!
OPEN WORLDWIDE - (6/20 - 7/3)
*First come first served, first winner to respond to their prize 
winning email first gets to choose from the prizes listed above!
Simply enter using the Rafflecopter below, every entry is another chance to win!
Come back daily for additional entries!!
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Frugal Organization Fix!

I just love reusing items for a new purpose.
If you like to find new ways to organize items, here is a little fix!
I can't stand having cords everywhere, untangling them, and losing them.
One day I came across an old wooden empty thread spool,
personally I love the vintage feminine touch it displays.
I decided to combine the two. When I wasn't using my earbuds,
I would simply wrap them around the spool and 
secure them by tucking the end into the hole of the spool. 
Viola! A simple frugal organization fix, that didn't cost a cent!
(Click Image To Enlarge)
Another no cost cleaner upper for those lose pins and paper clips is
using empty cleaned Gerber plastic baby food containers.
If you are currently using them or know someone who is, these
are wonderful little containers that are just right for your tiny items.
Not everyone has these items laying around but you might 
just know someone who does and is willing to share.

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