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Grandma's Little Lilly Coupon Organizer Review & Giveaway! WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Grandma's Little Lilly has teamed up with Frugal Mom and Wife 
to bring you this awesome exclusive giveaway!!
I love color, organization, etsy, coupons, eye catching designs, functionality,
and well tons more. I combined the stated and found Grandma's Little Lilly.
WOW! The cutest way to organize your coupons.
I admit it, I can be a mess when it comes to coupons.
Not everyone has the time to layout all and then coordinate, but even if you do...
... it can be a complete mess. Who wants that? Not me!!
Grandma's Little Lilly is not just genius with the fabric designs 
but making it so much easier for you to save your money.
How? If you can't find your coupons, you don't save any money.
We all know how that goes. "It was in my back pocket and forgot.", 
"Hold on it's in my purse somewhere.", "I could have sworn I clipped that coupon, arrrgghh!"
Couponing doesn't need to be hard. It can be completely stylish and organized too!
I absolutely love my coupon organizer!! (shown above)
The quality is outstanding with it's vibrant colors and impeccable stitching.
The index tabbed cards are awesome and even come with pre-made labels.
Stores, categories of groceries, bills, receipts, and more.
I love that added touch, last thing I want to do is take away from the beauty of
this organizer by creating my own labels. Grandma's Little Lilly really nailed it!!
You can even strap it onto your shopping cart, so convenient.
Whatever your style, Grandma's Litlle Lilly has one perfect for you.
So many beautiful and vibrant designs to choose from!!
Can't wait? Must have on right now?
Visit Grandma's Little Lillys' WEBSITE on ETSY for all your coupon organizing needs!
Use coupon code "lillypad" and get 10% off your order!!
WIN your very own Coupon Organizer specially designed by
Grandma's Little Lilly!
OPEN WORLDWIDE - (6/20 - 7/3)
*First come first served, first winner to respond to their prize 
winning email first gets to choose from the prizes listed above!
Simply enter using the Rafflecopter below, every entry is another chance to win!
Come back daily for additional entries!!
See Rafflecopter below!

Lilly & Abbie Custom Dog Collar and Leash Giveaway! WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Lilly & Abbie Custom Dog Beds has teamed up with Frugal Mom and Wife 
to bring you this giveaway for your best friend! Your dog!
My Boston Terrier shown above and below, Obi-Wan, was very happy to 
have the chance to be the review subject for this awesome giveaway!
Being a rather large Boston Terrier, it is quite hard to find a collar that fits just right.
The same goes for the leashes out there, either too long or too short.
Lilly & Abbie hand makes each collar & leash to fit your dog perfectly.
Obi usually paws at most collars but he wasn't irritated a bit with their made to fit collar.
(Click Image To Enlarge)
My Boston Terrier has so much original personality it wouldn't be right 
to settle for a collar & leash that could be seen on any other dog. 
No worries there, with all the fabric choices that Lilly & Abbie provides, 
your sure to find the right fit. It is however, extremely hard to decide on just one.

(Click Image To Enlarge)
He looks absolutely adorable sporting his sized to fit collar & leash matching set by
Lilly & Abbie Custom Dog Beds!!

(Click Image To Enlarge)
Find out all they have to offer on their Website, Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest!!
Here is your chance to WIN your very own, custom dog collar & leash set.
2 Winners will get to choose from all the color fabrics and pick the size of both collar & leash!!
U.S. Only (2/19* - 2/26)
Simply enter using the Rafflecopter below. Every entry is another chance to win.
Don't forge to come back for daily entries.

Chalk Style Chalkboard Speech Bubble Giveaway! (2/13* - 2/20) WINNER ANNOUNCED

Chalk Style has teamed up with Frugal Mom and Wife to bring you this awesome giveaway!
I just can't get enough Chalk Style!! That's right, I'm addicted!
Chalkboards are so fun! 
Pretty much everyone grows up around one because they are so versatile. 
You can use them in so many settings, just erase and start again.
Chalk Style gave me the chance to review their awesome Chalkboard Calendar!
As you can see below, I had loads of fun doodling all over it.
What I loved the most was the durability of the board, very high quality.
Even after writing, erasing, and repeating many times the chalkboard finish didn't budge.
It was equip with 32 pre drawn 2" x 2" squares placed perfectly.
Very nice smooth edges and curves, following the beautiful outline.
This calendar makes it to where you can easily rearrange appointments with no scratch outs.
If you want a versatile calendar that will not only be so fun but 
save you loads of money too, CHALK STYLE is the way to go!!
(Click Image To Enlarge)
That's not all! They make so many other items too!
 Speech bubble chalkboards, scroll chalkboard signs, table boards, board banners and 
so much more that are wonderful for weddings, birthday parties, holiday parties, 
baby showers, photo sessions, oh goodness the possiblities are endless.
Find them all at Chalk Styles' Etsy Store!
Right now you can use promo code "FRUGAL" and get 10% off through 2/21/13!!
Here is your chance to win your very own piece of Chalk Style!
One person will win their very own Chalk Style Chalkboard Speech Bubble!
Open Worldwide (2/13* - 2/21*at 12am EST)
Simply enter using the Raffle copter below. Every entry is another chance to win!
Don't forget to come back for daily entries!!

Organize Your Savings Cash Envelope Wallet Giveaway! 3 Winners! (6/16* -6/22) WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Organize Your Savings
Cash Envelope Wallet Giveaway!
For all those who are frugal with budgeting money, coupons, and more, or
are planning on it but just can't find the right way...
Frugal Mom and Wife teamed up with Miss Money Bags to bring
you this awesome giveaway, to help you organize your savings!!
Budgeting is the key to any successful household, but who says it's easy.
Even the best of the best know that it takes a lot of work.
Miss Money Bags has provided Frugal Mom and Wife with the
wonderful opportunity to review one of her many envelope wallets!
The high quality of these wallets are outstanding,
between the devoted craftsmanship, vibrant canvas fabrics,
and the incredible durability, ensures just how awesome these are!
Where to start is the tricky part, these wallets are so versatile, the options are endless!
Here are a few examples of the many uses for these awesome wallets:
Money For Bills:
Separate the money needed for each bill in convenient pockets you can label!
Coupons By Store:
Separate your coupons according to store for easy convenience!
Recipe Organizer:
Separate different recipes by meals of the day!
There are so many possibilities for the many uses of this awesome product,
the options are pretty much endless! She even hand makes the cutest kids wallets!
Here is your chance to win 1 of your very own!
Not just one of you but 3 of you will WIN!
Each winner will receive a specially made Cash Envelope Wallet!
That is so personal, and Miss Money Bags knows just how you love it!
Click the IMAGE to get a bigger picture!
Must have one right now? Visit Miss Money Bags on Etsy & Facebook!
Simply enter the Rafflecopter below to WIN,
every entry is another chance to WIN!
Bookmark this page to come back for daily entries!
Giveaway is Open WORLDWIDE!
Starts 6/16 12:01am EST - Ends 6/23 12:01am EST
All 3 winners have been emailed and have 72 hours to respond
or a new winner(s) will be chosen.
If you think you are a winner, please check your spam folder also.
Winners are announced below on the Rafflecopter!
Thank you all for entering this awesome giveaway!!