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Free "Bring Your Own Bag" Static Vehicle Window Cling!

Remember to bring your reusable bags with this awesome non sticker Static window cling.
Easily applied and removed!
Simply follow the link below to request your Free vehicle window cling.
(2 requests per household)

Frugal Organization Fix!

I just love reusing items for a new purpose.
If you like to find new ways to organize items, here is a little fix!
I can't stand having cords everywhere, untangling them, and losing them.
One day I came across an old wooden empty thread spool,
personally I love the vintage feminine touch it displays.
I decided to combine the two. When I wasn't using my earbuds,
I would simply wrap them around the spool and 
secure them by tucking the end into the hole of the spool. 
Viola! A simple frugal organization fix, that didn't cost a cent!
(Click Image To Enlarge)
Another no cost cleaner upper for those lose pins and paper clips is
using empty cleaned Gerber plastic baby food containers.
If you are currently using them or know someone who is, these
are wonderful little containers that are just right for your tiny items.
Not everyone has these items laying around but you might 
just know someone who does and is willing to share.

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