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Bible Verse Certificate Review & Giveaway! WINNER ANNOUNCED

Frugal Mom and Wife has teamed up with Bible Verse Gifts to bring you 
this awesome "Exclusive" review and giveaway!
Your Name in Bible Verse certificates are beautiful, individually printed certificates 
personalized with a loved one's first and last names, two first names, or any phrase 
up to 20 letters and spaces, with an inspirational Bible Verse for each letter.
They are 8 ½” x 11″, are currently available in over 20 different styles and retail for $12.95 each.
Bible Verse certificates make ideal, affordable, Christian gifts for:
Birthdays, weddings, baptisms and christenings, Mother's Day, 
Christmas, 1st communions, confirmations, pastor appreciations...any occasion!
Your Name in Bible Verse certificates can be ordered in English
(King James Version) and Spanish (La Biblia de las Americas).
I recently had the opportunity to review a personalized Bible Verse Certificate
of my choice of design and name format!
I wanted to give something extra personal and special as a keepsake for my daughter.
With that said, I sent over her name and picked out a beautiful
"Calla Lilly" background, they did the rest!!
Bible Verse Gifts placed a wonderful Bible verse coordinating with each letter of her name.
I absolutely love it and recommend one to anyone looking for a special gift or
even something special for yourself!
Get your very own from their website HERE!
Enjoy a 25% Discount on your first purchase at Bible Verse Gifts.
Coupon Code: " JOYE ".
Enter it in the REDEMPTION CODE box during check-out (Step 2) of your purchase!

Here is your chance to WIN your very own!
1 Winner will get their very own Personalized Bible Verse Certificate!
Open To: US/CANADA/MEXICO (4/9*-4/16)
Simply enter using the Rafflecopter below, every entry is another chance to WIN!
Please see the Rafflecopter below for winner.

POTTY COVER Review & Giveaway! (3/30* - 4/6) WINNER ANNOUNCED

Frugal Mom and Wife has teamed up with Potty Cover to bring you this 
awesomely exclusive review and giveaway!
Potty Cover are disposable toilet seat covers that create a waterproof barrier
between the toilet and your child.
The over sized design covers the front & sides of the toilet.
I was lucky enough to review the Potty Cover recently.
I prefer not using public bathrooms and avoid them at all costs
 but when you have a toddler potty training, you better look for a place to go.
The Potty Cover is the newest twist on the old fashioned paper toilet seat covers
 that always seem to be out of stock in public restrooms.
Better yet, not have them at all and your left spending precious time covering with TP.
Sometimes we are lucky enough to find toddler friends restrooms,
but we cannot limit our family outings.
With PottyCovers, the whole family can feel safe knowing that even in the
nastiest of bathrooms they will be protected from germs and more.
It's very convienent that the Potty Covers are individually wrapped.
I love that these cover the front of the toilet all the way to the bottom.
It's easy to use & not a hassle to carry around.
A pack of PottyCover sells for $5.99 and it is available on Amazon, Ebay,
all Buy Buy Baby stores around the country and at select Bed Bath & Beyond stores.
Here is your chance to WIN your very own pack!!
Simply enter using the Rafflecopter below, every entry is another chance to WIN!
- (3/30* - 4/6) WINNER ANNOUNCED -
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Noxicare Natural Pain Relief Cream Product Review & Giveaway! WINNER ANNOUNCED

Frugal Mom and Wife to bring you this awesome giveaway!
After running around picking up after my 3 year old, my husband, and my dog all day everyday,
plus cleaning, cooking, and so much more, my back has had enough.
Most products claim to help you out, relieving the pain and not stinking up the place but..
time and time again they always disappoint and are all the same.
Noxicare™ Natural Pain Relief Cream is
I put their cream to the test and right away was surprised!
Not only was it odorless, non-greasy, but it had NO SMELL.
Most back creams have your back tingling away right after application, Noxicare doesn't do that.
Instead it actually takes the pain away!
At first I couldn't feel anything but then the pain started to dissolve.
The deal breaker was testing their cream on my husband. Nothing works for him.
Conveniently and unfortunately my husband hurt his back at work and I was able to put it to the test again.
He was quite sceptical about it actually being different from all the other back pain relief products out there.
After a few minutes of treatment he started to feel the pain go away.
Even though some of the previous "other brand" made his back temporarily feel better,
none of them could actually make it go away.
The next morning after just one application the previous night, his pain was gone.
Yes, completely gone! I kid you not!
That's when I knew our search was over, NOXICARE is our #1 Choice!

Here is your chance to WIN your very own
Noxicare Natural Pain Relief 1.5oz. Cream & T-Shirt too!
***2 WINNERS!***
Simply enter using the Rafflecopter below, every entry is another chance to WIN!
US ONLY  (3/15* - 3/22)
Don't forget to come back for daily entries!
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YogaHands Review & Giveaway! (3/14*-3/21) WINNER ANNOUNCED

YogaHands has teamed up with 
Frugal Mom and Wife to bring you this exclusive giveaway!
In today’s ever growing world of technology, we use your hands and 
especially our fingers more and more frequently with all the typing and texting.
Guilty here! How else would this giveaway be brought to you.
Unfortunately, repeated movements over time can cause things such as 
carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, hand cramps and fatigue.  
If you have ever participated in a traditional yoga class, 
you pace yourself adding more and more to your routine. 
As a result, over-time muscles and joints become more flexible the stretches 
become easier and the body is less prone to injury.  
This is exactly how YogaHands works but specific for your hands.  
After continued use, your joints loosen and feel much more flexible.
When I put on YogaHands, I could not put it on all the way (I have tiny hands)
but after having it on for just a short time I could feel the stretch. 
Not an uncomfortable one either, a release of tension.  
I was able to gradually move my fingers further and further down with each use.
It is recommended that you start by wearing them only for a few minutes at a time, 
and then gradually increase your wear time. You don't want to strain your hands. 
You should always listen to your body and only wear it as long as it comfortable.
I have noticed my hands feeling way more comfortable after long periods of typing.
My fingers feel more limber too! I am so glad I found YogaHands!
I know there are so many people who can benefit from the use of YogaHands.
Must have right now? Get a set for $39.95, visit YogaPro.
You can also join their mailing list to SAVE 25% off your entire purchase!
**Here is your chance to WIN your very own pair!**
US and CANADA ONLY (3/14*-3/21)
Simply enter using the Rafflecopter below, every entry is another chance to win!
Don't forget to come back for daily entries!
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Planet Wise WET/DRY Sports Bag Giveaway! (3/9 - 3/16) WINNER ANNOUNCED

to bring you this EXCLUSIVE Giveaway!
Planted Wise is operated by an environmental wife and husband team Nicki & Jesse!
All their products have been thoroughly researched and are all PVC-free and lead-free 
a surprising fact is that many zippers have been painted using paint that contains lead). 
They are all reusable and have been designed to replace disposable items; 
helping to reduce waste that ends up in the landfills!!
Planet Wise Wet Bags are used for every age and all sorts if different ways.
 From young children going to dance class, sports practice and more, for the moms lugging around 
diapers, for the on-the-go adult transporting shoes, swimwear, workout gear and more.
BONUS their packaging is printed on recycled/recyclable paper using soy-based ink.
Down to the last detail they strive to make sure all their products are Eco-friendly.
That's why when I receive the chance to review one of their AWESOME bags I jumped at the chance!
I am a freak when it comes to re-usable because that not only means helping the environment 
but it also helps save my family money!
There had always been something missing from my on-the-go bags and Planet Wise fixed it.
A way to separate your WET items from your DRY items.
I received the "Art Deco" Sport Bag to facilitate my review and was so impressed.
This really comes in handy making sure my dirty walked all over the place shoes are
completely not touching my books at all. Their unique divider protects one are from another.
It's completely GENIUS I really must say. This bag is AWESOME!
It's Simple, Hands-Free, Backpack Design is for All Ages. 
It's uses are endless... pool, beach, gym, yoga, swim team, swim lessons, 
team sports, school... oh WOW I could go on and on! Think about it.
ONE Bag for BOTH Wet & Dry items. 
Inner Bag offers 2 Separate Open Pouches: 
1 Pouch for your Dry/Clean Stuff and 1 Pouch for your Wet/Dirty Stuff.
Zippered front pouch that is perfect for your Small Personal Items. 
Carry your Cell Phone, Camera, MP3, Keys and Money with EASE near your Wet Swimsuit!
The PERFECT on the go sports bag!
Here is your chance to WIN your very own Planet Wise Sports Bag!
Your choice of Design!
1 WINNER - US ONLY - (3/9*- 3/16)
Simply enter using the Rafflecopter below. Every entry is another chance to win!
Don't forget to come back for daily entries!
*See Rafflecopter below for winner info.!*

School of Wash Room & Linen Spray Giveaway! (3/6* - 3/14) WINNER ANNOUNCED

School of Wash has teamed up with Frugal Mom and Wife to bring you
the EXCLUSIVE Giveaway!!
I love my Boston Terrier "Obi" but he can get super smelly.
He's is part of the family to us and that's why when it's comes to smelling good,
it absolutely needs to fit his unique personality.
That's when I turned to the School of Wash.
They offer a line of bath product for the whole family, including your pet.
The School of Wash bath shop customizes your bathing with their unique Pick-A-Scent system.
Handmade Bath products customized by you!
All the products at School of Wash are Sulfate-free, Paraben-free, Sodium Chloride-free,
Mineral Oil-free and contain no additives or preservatives.
All products are made upon ordering and remain fresh for up to 1 year.
Absolutely perfect for my family and my "Obi".
School of Wash was more than generous enough to let me review their:
LuLu's Pet Wash - Vanilla Birthday Cake
LuLu's Pet Spritz - Vanilla Birthday Cake
(Click Image To Enlarge)
LuLu’s Pet Wash is gentle and non irritating, it is also tear-free!
Which its perfect for my Boston Terriers bug eyes, it won’t burn!
 Many shampoos tend to leave a icky residue but not LuLu’s Pet Wash;
it leaves your pets coat super soft, shiny, and smelling great!
Obi definately smelled awesome and the scent was a perfect fit for his personality.
LuLu's Pet Spritz is like a cologne made especially for my little furry guy.
He started strutting his stuff around the house right away.
For those days when he's not so fresh, I give him a little spritz and he's good to go.
LuLu’s Pet line is formulated to be SAFE for both dogs and cats!
Unfortunately that's not the only way Obi can stink up the place and that's where
SOW Handmade Room & Linen Spray comes to save the day!
It completely eliminated the smells and didn't just mask them like other products out there do.
You can use that awesome in a spray bottle to freshen up anything!!
Find out all about School of Wash on their:

Here is your chance to WIN your very own 
8oz. Bottle of SOW Handmade Room & Linen Spray! (Your Scent Choice)
OPEN WORLDWIDE (3/6* - 3/14)
Simply enter using the Rafflecopter below, every entry is another chance to win!
Don't forget to come back for daily entries!!
Shown on Rafflecopter below!

Re-Pac Bags Review & Giveaway! (2/23*- 3/2) WINNER ANNOUNCED

Re-Pac Bags has teamed up with Frugal Mom and Wife to bring you this exclusive giveaway!
Tired of spending so much money on plastic baggies that just go in trash?
What about an over night trip and storing dirty clothes to take home or a pool party and
carrying around soggy bathing suits, I end up using empty grocery sacks, very stylish.
Those days are in the past when it comes to Re-Pac Bags!
Created by a nurse and a sewing savvy mom not willing to use 
expensive mold prone cotton bags or endless mounds of plastic baggies.
Re-Pac Bags are made from eco-friendly products that are long lasting and Safe for Food!
With all the school lunches my daughter goes through I jumped at the chance to try out Re-Pac Bags.
I really love the easy to clean breathable fabric used and that they're sewn flawlessly.
Our food needs to not only be protected but be able to breath and these bags are perfect.
Storing snacks and sandwiches for lunches, car and purse accessories, makeup, coupons, and
travel items are just a few of the many uses Re-Pac Bags can provide over and over again!!
Saving me tons of money and save the environment at the same time, how awesome!

Here is your chance to WIN your very own Re-Pac Bags!
1 Winner will get 1 set of 4 bags (small, medium, large, gallon)
OPEN WORLDWIDE (2/23* - 3/2)
Simply enter using the Rafflecopter below, every entry is another chance to win!
Don't forget to bookmark this page and come back for daily entries!

Lilly & Abbie Custom Dog Collar and Leash Giveaway! WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Lilly & Abbie Custom Dog Beds has teamed up with Frugal Mom and Wife 
to bring you this giveaway for your best friend! Your dog!
My Boston Terrier shown above and below, Obi-Wan, was very happy to 
have the chance to be the review subject for this awesome giveaway!
Being a rather large Boston Terrier, it is quite hard to find a collar that fits just right.
The same goes for the leashes out there, either too long or too short.
Lilly & Abbie hand makes each collar & leash to fit your dog perfectly.
Obi usually paws at most collars but he wasn't irritated a bit with their made to fit collar.
(Click Image To Enlarge)
My Boston Terrier has so much original personality it wouldn't be right 
to settle for a collar & leash that could be seen on any other dog. 
No worries there, with all the fabric choices that Lilly & Abbie provides, 
your sure to find the right fit. It is however, extremely hard to decide on just one.

(Click Image To Enlarge)
He looks absolutely adorable sporting his sized to fit collar & leash matching set by
Lilly & Abbie Custom Dog Beds!!

(Click Image To Enlarge)
Find out all they have to offer on their Website, Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest!!
Here is your chance to WIN your very own, custom dog collar & leash set.
2 Winners will get to choose from all the color fabrics and pick the size of both collar & leash!!
U.S. Only (2/19* - 2/26)
Simply enter using the Rafflecopter below. Every entry is another chance to win.
Don't forge to come back for daily entries.

Prize Winning Coffee Review & Giveaway! (2/17* - 2/24) WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Prize Winning Coffee has teamed up with 
Frugal Mom and Wife to bring you this awesome giveaway!!
When I was little I just loved getting prizes inside my cereal.
Then growing up lead me away from cereal and more towards coffee.
That's why I turned to Prize Winning Coffee.
Every bag of Prize Winning Coffee contains a gorgeous piece of contemporary or vintage
jewelry, or a coin from around the world, that is worth $5, $50, $250, or $500!
I jumped on the chance to review their coffee and was surprised more than once.
The aroma the coffee filled my home right away with bold roast.
I love that smell and that's a sign of a great strong coffee!!
I shutter at most coffee's if it doesn't have my sugar and creamer but this one is smooth.
While enjoying my coffee I quickly emptied the contents of the bag to find my prize.
Inside I found a beautiful vintage adjustable costume jewelry ring!
I can't wait for my next bag! You actually can choose what type of prize you'd like inside!
Prizes inside products aren't just for kids anymore!
Do you love prizes? I sure do and coffee!
When you put them together... you get delicious Prize Winning Coffee!
Find out all about them on their Website and Facebook Page.
Here is your chance to WIN your very own BAG of Coffee with a prize inside!!
3 Winners will each win 1 Bag of Prize Winning Coffee!
It's a prize within a prize, how awesome is that?
Simply enter using the Rafflecopter below, every entry is another chance to Win!
Don't forget to come back for daily entries!

Goose Creek American Heirloom Jar Candle Giveaway! WINNER ANNOUNCED

has teamed up with Frugal Mom and Wife to bring you this awesome giveaway!
Always on a search for a longest lasting, eye appealing, scented candle?
Me too and they can be hard to find if your looking in the wrong place.
Goose Creek was not only so generous to sponsor this giveaway but
also let me review their Sweet Petals American Heirloom Jar Candle!
The candle really smells like sweet petals of spring straight from their southern plantation. 
With cool notes of coconut, currant, and orange bloom indulging your nose.
With their candles, you really get what they offer down to the last scent.
Ever get that popping of the wick and nasty smell when you first light a candle?
Not with Goose Creek Candles! Their candles are the cleanest burning I've seen.
No popping, no smoke, and even handmade in the U.S.
If your tired of getting dooped by the candle companies that are all talk, search no more.
Right now through 3/7/2013 you can use coupon code "1301" and
save 25% off your entire purchase at Goose Creek Candle Co.
Here is your chance to WIN your very own candle!!
1 Winner will receive 1 - 16oz. American Heirloom Jar Candle (Choice of Scent)!
U.S. Only (2/8* - 2/15)
Simply enter using the Rafflecopter below. Every entry is another chance to win!
Don't forget to come back for daily entries!!

WHOOHA Gear Review & Giveaway! (2/6* - 2/12) WINNER ANNOUNCED

WHOOHA Gear has teamed up with Frugal Mom and Wife 
to bring you this awesome exclusive review & giveaway!
~ Women Having Optimistic Objectives & Healthy Attitudes ~
It all started with two inspiring women looking to make a difference.
Inspiring others to inspire themselves! Read more about Amy & Julie HERE!
I absolutely live by exactly what WHOOHA Gear stands for.
So when I had the opportunity to review one of their items,
I jumped on the chance to proudly wear one of their shirts.
Not just any kind of shirt though, the most comfortable shirt
I have ever worn. Not exaggerating, I promise.
The Tri Hearts BURNOUT Tee is completely tagless with fabric that has give.
I honestly like to wear my shirts tight but still have complete circulation.
No problems with WHOOHA Gear there.
I could comfortably do a yoga routine and was greatly impressed.
The shirt material allows your body to breath!
The extra length in the torso area was right up my ally too.
I really don't care to show off my belly while reaching up high or bending down low.
So all around not only is WHOOHA Gear a perfect fit but also a way to live.
As far back as I can remember I have encouraged many and even myself,
to stay positive and keep a healthy attitude.
With all the obstacles life can hand you, everyone needs some WHOOHA in their lives.
W.H.O.O.H.A.! Facebook, Website, Pinterest, & Twitter
Here is your chance to Win your very own WHOOHA Gear Shirt!
Winner will get to choose any shirt on their website (excluding the cycling jerseys),
any size available, and Free Shipping too!!
Open Worldwide (2/6* - 2/12)
Simply enter using the Rafflecopter below, 
every entry is another chance to win!

Purchase With A Purpose Review & Giveaway! (2/1 - 2/8) WINNER ANNOUNCED!

to bring your this generous review and giveaway!
There is nothing better than making a purchase that not only is very
beautiful and elegant but 100% of the money goes to non profit programs.
Your Purchase today will help raise funds for: American Veterans in need,
Domestic Violence issues, & family's affected by Huntington’s Disease.
If not you, who? If not now, when?
They carry religious and military themed jewelry, story books for children,
positive necklaces and bracelets, Breast Cancer Awareness jewelry,
Locks Down ultimate hair taming cloths, and more!!
I had the chance to review their Locks Down line for hair and they are awesome!
50% of the proceeds go to non profit programs.
They do exactly what they're called, LOCKS DOWN that crazy hair.
With the vibrant fabric and added buttons to secure your wrap,
there is no need to be fixing and adjusting anymore.
These are perfect for anyone who needs to lock down their hair in style.
Find out more on their WebsiteFacebookTwitter, & Pinterest.
1 Winner will get to choose an item from either the bracelets, 
Locks Down, or a Muffin Kids Book!
Open Worldwide (2/1 - 2/8)
Simply enter using the Rafflecopter below,
every entry in another chance to win!

HannahMax Cookie Chips Review & Giveaway! (1/27 - 2/3* ) WINNER ANNOUNCED

HannahMax Cookie Chips Bundle
 Review & Giveaway! 
to bring you this awesome exclusive giveaway!
One of my biggest weaknesses are COOKIES, yummy delicious cookies.
With that said, I am constantly on the hunt for the best of the best.
I came across HannahMax Baking and was delighted to have the 
opportunity to indulge my sweet tooth with their wonderful flavors.
Each chip was jam packed with out of this world cookie goodness!
They actually taste like you baked them out home!!
No trans fats, No artificial favors or colors, No preservatives, & No GMO's.
They only use the finest all natural ingredients in all their products.
That means, no need to feel guilty on treating yourself.
I couldn't believe my taste buds.
Tasty cookie chips that are all natural... no way, those don't mix.
I was wrong, they do.  HannahMax did it!
They brought deliciously tasty and all natural together in a harmonious way!!
I highly recommend anyone who has a sweet tooth to try these.
Be warned, they are so delicious, you will have a forever addiction to
HannahMax Baking All Natural Crunchy Cookie Chips.
I couldn't just sit back and enjoy them without including all of you.
Here is your chance to be just as amazed as me of the cookies that eat like chips!
One winner will receive one Cookie Chips multi pack which includes:
1 - Original
1 - Chocolate Chip
1 - Cinnamon Sugar
1 - Sea Salted Peanut Butter
Each bag is 6 oz. and resealable!
Can't wait? You must have loads of these yummy cookie chips? Click Here!
US Only. (1/27 - 2/3*) 
Simply enter using the Rafflecopter below,
every entry is another chance to win!

Toddler Backpack Review & Giveaway! *Exclusive* (10/6 - 10/13*) - WINNER ANNOUNCED

Toddler Backpack 
Review & Giveaway! 
Frugal Mom and Wife has teamed up with Little Fawn Designs,
to bring you this awesome giveaway!
Win an awesome backpack for your very own toddler!!
I received the "Sweet Treats" toddler backpack pictured below.
The backpack is easy to catch your eye, it caught mine right away.
With the adorable vibrant fabric and just how extremely cute it is!
Perfect size too, fit my daughter exactly as it should.
Now worries with the classic "Slip off the shoulder" or "Drag on the floor".
Little Fawn Designs knows just how to make the right fit!
Her original handmade toddler backpacks measure (9.5H x 9.5W x3.5D)
My daughter absolutely loved being the subject of this review.
The backpack is wonderful for so many outings.
Take a trip to the museum and store souvenirs,
going on a short road trip packed and ready to go,
picnics, the Zoo, ... I could go on and on!
To show you just how much this cute backpack was able to hold,
shown above I was able to fit 9 toddler books inside.
She has a wonderful Etsy Shop where you can find many other toddler backpacks.
Every one just as unique and exploding with vibrant color!
That's not all either...
You can also get lovely cosmetic bags, pouches and diaper clutches too!

Here is your chance to WIN you very own Toddler Backpack for that little someone!
Winner gets to choose any Backpack designed by Little Fawn Designs!!
Can't wait that long, you must have one now? Visit her Etsy Store!
(Exclusive Readers 10% off Discount code to any item in Little Fawn Designs shop.
Use FRUGAL2012 at checkout!)
Super easy entry! Seriously, it's way too easy to enter!
Don't forget to come back daily for more entries!
US and Canada Only (10/6 - 10/13*)
Simply enter using the Rafflecopter below!
Every entry is another chance to WIN!
Congrats - Stephanie Templeman

SnackTAXI Review & Giveaway! (6/29* - 7/5) WINNER ANNOUNCED

SnackTAXI Review & Giveaway!
*Exclusive Frugal Mom and Wife Giveaway!*
Do you ever feel that you are constantly buying plastic baggies? 
I felt that way too and really wanted to make a change.
 I did some research and found a great company called SnackTAXI. 
I knew Snack Taxi was for me when I clicked on their about page 
and read this written by Erin Kelly-Dill the Owner of SnackTAXI’s : 
 “I invented SnackTAXI way back in 2003 as a way to stem the tide of plastic 
ziplock bags that flowed from our house to the landfill when our 3 kids started school! 
We pack over 500 lunches every year, and had definitely fallen 
prey to the easy appeal of the ziplock bag.”
I contacted SnackTAXI and they sent me both a snack-sack to giveaway
and a sandwich-sack to review.
The Sandwich Sack is great for you guessed it, sandwiches.
This really came in handy with my husbands works lunches.
I haven't needed to buy a sandwich bag since!
When I'm done, I toss it in the wash and consider it another penny saved!
The Snack-Sack is great because it can be used for smaller snacks.
They all come with an easy velcro closer and very awesome patterns!
Whether your looking to save some money or the environment, it's a 2 in 1 deal!
Check out more about SnackTAXI on their website!
Here is your chance to win your very own Snack-sack!
1 winner will win 1 Snack-sack of their very own!
US Only. 6/28 11:01pm CT - 7/5 11:01 pm CT
Simply enter on the Rafflercopter below!
Every entry is another chance to win!

Organize Your Savings Cash Envelope Wallet Giveaway! 3 Winners! (6/16* -6/22) WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Organize Your Savings
Cash Envelope Wallet Giveaway!
For all those who are frugal with budgeting money, coupons, and more, or
are planning on it but just can't find the right way...
Frugal Mom and Wife teamed up with Miss Money Bags to bring
you this awesome giveaway, to help you organize your savings!!
Budgeting is the key to any successful household, but who says it's easy.
Even the best of the best know that it takes a lot of work.
Miss Money Bags has provided Frugal Mom and Wife with the
wonderful opportunity to review one of her many envelope wallets!
The high quality of these wallets are outstanding,
between the devoted craftsmanship, vibrant canvas fabrics,
and the incredible durability, ensures just how awesome these are!
Where to start is the tricky part, these wallets are so versatile, the options are endless!
Here are a few examples of the many uses for these awesome wallets:
Money For Bills:
Separate the money needed for each bill in convenient pockets you can label!
Coupons By Store:
Separate your coupons according to store for easy convenience!
Recipe Organizer:
Separate different recipes by meals of the day!
There are so many possibilities for the many uses of this awesome product,
the options are pretty much endless! She even hand makes the cutest kids wallets!
Here is your chance to win 1 of your very own!
Not just one of you but 3 of you will WIN!
Each winner will receive a specially made Cash Envelope Wallet!
That is so personal, and Miss Money Bags knows just how you love it!
Click the IMAGE to get a bigger picture!
Must have one right now? Visit Miss Money Bags on Etsy & Facebook!
Simply enter the Rafflecopter below to WIN,
every entry is another chance to WIN!
Bookmark this page to come back for daily entries!
Giveaway is Open WORLDWIDE!
Starts 6/16 12:01am EST - Ends 6/23 12:01am EST
All 3 winners have been emailed and have 72 hours to respond
or a new winner(s) will be chosen.
If you think you are a winner, please check your spam folder also.
Winners are announced below on the Rafflecopter!
Thank you all for entering this awesome giveaway!!

Enza's Bargains "Thirty One Gifts" Giveaway Winner Review!

Enza's Bargains "Thirty One" Giveaway Winner Review!
Recently one of my favorite sites Enza's Bargains held an awesome
giveaway featuring a beautiful Thirty One Thermal Tote!
Sponsored by Sarah Woodward!
I have always loved the hot designs and unique fabric 
choices Thirty One uses for their products!
So when when I saw this awesome Giveaway, I had to Enter!
This is where I remind you... You can't WIN, if you don't Enter!!
To my surprise, I actually Won!
I was really impressed by the fast communication and
personal touch both Enza and Sarah provided.
Lucky to them, I have this site to share
awesome things with all of you!
If your looking for the latest bargains, check out Enza's Bargains!
Crazy about Thirty One like me? Contact Sarah Woodward!

The outcome of the giveaway was not influenced by this review.
They had no idea that Frugal Mom and Wife won!

Bottom Line!!
See a giveaway you LOVE! Enter It!
You can't WIN if you don't Enter!