FREE Healthy Living Recipes for Healthier Eating Cookbook! {Mailed}

Raisins and dried fruits are natural foods – the perfect companions to healthier living. Raisins are a high-energy food, providing the natural sugars, potassium, fiber and tartaric acid necessary to keep digestive systems healthy. Plus they are the most concentrated, commonly available fruit source for snacking, baking, recipes and quick additions to salads and cereals. This booklet features a selection of recipes for healthier eating and it's your Free! Simply follow the link below and choose whether you want it in Digital or a Mailed Booklet format. Both formats are available in English or Spanish.


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FREE Lighthouse by the Sea Changing Weather Scene Sleep iOS App! {Save $1.99}

If you like lighthouses, the sea and changing weather then 'Lighthouse by the Sea' is for you! This app is a fun and relaxing way to immerse yourself in a beautiful, customisable, ever-changing scene, set by the sea. At the heart of the scene is a lighthouse which you can customise to suit your mood. Children and adults will enjoy playing with the different settings. You can make it rain or snow, watch a spectacular lightning storm, add fog or just listen to the calming sound of the waves breaking the shoreline while sea gulls glide overhead — all from the comfort of your bed or sofa. With Lighthouse by the Sea the sights and sounds of the sea are never more than a tap away! Thanks to its timer setting you can use it as a nightlight to fall asleep to or just listen to some calming 'white noise' in the form of the sounds of rain, waves or thunderstorm.