Have You Seen What Is At The Library?

Every single time I enter my local library I am taken away with endless possibilities of what to explore. I have been an avid book reader my entire life. The way a book can take you into a new world and completely immerse you in it. The smell of the printed pages bound in glorious covers sorted from shelf to shelf. I have never been able to quite get enough. I make it appoint to go to the library as often as I can and would spend all day there if I could.


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FREE Printable Visual Image Learning Tools From HANDS In Autism!

Most individuals with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have strengths in visual processing. Using this strength to teach to areas of difficulty can be a successful way to help individuals with an ASD acquire new skills. HANDS in Autism has provided tons of awesome printables to help your child in so many ways! From every part of the day and all sort of things that can be done in that day. Their resources provide many charts for all sorts of routines and schedules. Being a MOM of a child with Autism, this is very wonderful to find for free. While you do have to print yourself, you will save tons of money too. Many companies charge tons for these templates but not HANDS in Autism! Go see for yourself, explore around too! Even if your child doesn't have ASD, these tools can greatly help ANY CHILD.