YogaHands Review & Giveaway! (3/14*-3/21) WINNER ANNOUNCED

YogaHands has teamed up with 
Frugal Mom and Wife to bring you this exclusive giveaway!
In today’s ever growing world of technology, we use your hands and 
especially our fingers more and more frequently with all the typing and texting.
Guilty here! How else would this giveaway be brought to you.
Unfortunately, repeated movements over time can cause things such as 
carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, hand cramps and fatigue.  
If you have ever participated in a traditional yoga class, 
you pace yourself adding more and more to your routine. 
As a result, over-time muscles and joints become more flexible the stretches 
become easier and the body is less prone to injury.  
This is exactly how YogaHands works but specific for your hands.  
After continued use, your joints loosen and feel much more flexible.
When I put on YogaHands, I could not put it on all the way (I have tiny hands)
but after having it on for just a short time I could feel the stretch. 
Not an uncomfortable one either, a release of tension.  
I was able to gradually move my fingers further and further down with each use.
It is recommended that you start by wearing them only for a few minutes at a time, 
and then gradually increase your wear time. You don't want to strain your hands. 
You should always listen to your body and only wear it as long as it comfortable.
I have noticed my hands feeling way more comfortable after long periods of typing.
My fingers feel more limber too! I am so glad I found YogaHands!
I know there are so many people who can benefit from the use of YogaHands.
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US and CANADA ONLY (3/14*-3/21)
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