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How to Reupholster Kitchen & Dining Room Chairs!

It is that time again where the fabric on those high traffic upholstered chairs have seen far better days. Or maybe you simply cannot stand looking at that print another day. What ever the reason, giving them a new look is super easy and inexpensive when you simply change the fabric. Previously I created a tutorial with step by step instructions with pictures to detail you in on doing this very project yourself. I decided I needed to change the color scheme in my kitchen (again) so I went royal blue this time. They turned out gorgeous as you can see above and the entire project was very easy with the help of my awesome husband. Follow the link below for the complete tutorial from my original project.

The Step2 Company Creative Space Art Studio ONLY $80 SHIPPED! (Regularly $140)

The Creative Space Art Studio is a two-in-one art studio that meets all of your little ones creative and storage needs. This desk features an adjustable work surface board that can fold down for a desk or lift up for an easel. The studio is taller than other art desks to accommodate growing children, allowing for many years of use. The roomy 13" x 20" work surface is enough room for any art project. Other features include a large side pocket for note books, 2 large bins perfect for storing art supplies and a removable supply cup for brushes, pencils and more.
**Normally $140 but Right Now ONLY $80 SHIPPED**

Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner & Perservative Giveaway! (4/20 - 4/27)

Liquid Gold Original Wood Cleaner & Preservative is easy applied in an Aerosol can. You of course can get this product in many other forms as you can see above. The deep penetrating action works against dust, dirt, age and use, along with drying and cracking caused by heating & air conditioning systems. It even inhibits warping, shrinking, and color loss. Carefully maintaining the beauty of your wood and prolonging it's life and features. Read my full review on this product by going here.

How to Reupholster Kitchen & Dining Room Chairs!

If you have kids and pets like me, your kitchen or dining room chair fabric has probably seen better days. Maybe your just really messy or haven't updated in quite some time. Whatever your reason, reupholstering your existing chairs is not only cost effective but it is really easy. My kitchen table chair fabric was awful I admit. Completely worn out in the fabric but not a thing wrong with the chair itself. They were screaming face lift and I was going to give them one!

Computer Desk With Hutch Set {Edge Water Collection} by Sauder Review!

 When it comes to looking for a great piece of furniture, we typically all steer towards the overall looks of the item. That can get you into trouble when purchasing from the wrong company. Just because you pay an arm and a leg for something does not mean it is quality. Same goes for barely spending a dime on a piece of furniture, doesn't mean it isn't quality because it was inexpensive. Personally I want the best of both worlds. That would be an affordable price, impeccable quality and outstanding durability. Of course I want it to be gorgeous. Let me introduce those of you who don't already know where you can find this furniture, it's Sauder Woodworking Co.

Minnie Mouse Upholstered Chair by Delta Children Review!

When shopping for furniture for your child you want the item to be both durable and safe. When shopping for a chair for your child you also want it to be comfortable and functional. This newly designed sassy Minnie Mouse Upholstered Chair is the perfect big girl chair for your adorable Mouseketeer. My daughter LOVES Minnie Mouse! This joyful chair provides the perfect spot for your little one's much deserved beauty rest and relaxation. How? Not only is the chair built with a sturdy frame for durability but also your child gets to connect with their favorite character. Making it the perfect chair for reading and relaxing!!