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Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner & Perservative Giveaway! (4/20 - 4/27)

Liquid Gold Original Wood Cleaner & Preservative is easy applied in an Aerosol can. You of course can get this product in many other forms as you can see above. The deep penetrating action works against dust, dirt, age and use, along with drying and cracking caused by heating & air conditioning systems. It even inhibits warping, shrinking, and color loss. Carefully maintaining the beauty of your wood and prolonging it's life and features. Read my full review on this product by going here.

Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner & Perservative Review!

Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner and Preservative was founded in 1951 in a garage in Denver, Colorado. Made with natural organic oils, it rejuvenates and restores all types of natural wood. Scott's Liquid Gold has been a trusted name in household care for generations. They even bet your mom or grandmother had a can of Liquid Gold under their kitchen sink! Scott's Liquid Gold makes high quality household products that are sold in stores across the US. Scott’s Liquid Gold has been in the same location since 1970 and is proud to be an American manufacturer.

Scott's Liquid Gold "Dust 'n Go" Wipes GIVEAWAY! WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Scott's Liquid Gold has teamed up with 
Frugal Mom and Wife to bring you this awesome giveaway!
Here is your chance to win your very own 
Scott's Liquid Gold "Dust 'n Go" Wipes!
BEGINS 10/24 at 12:00AM EST
 ENDS 11/7 at 12:00AM EST