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Crock-Pot BBQ Brisket Frito Pie Recipe!

Crock-Pots make our lives so much easier along with creating the most delicious meals with ease. BBQ Brisket Frito Pie is extremely easy to make and only requires a few ingredients.

DIY Framed Chalkboard Menu!

Have you seen those expensive chalkboard menus out there?
I absolutely love them but knew I could make one myself for a fraction of the price. So I headed on down to my local hobby store (Michael's) and started exploring my options. I came across the frame you see above on clearance for only $2.99. Woot! It's large and has a build in stand and wall hangers too. It did not come the way you see above, it was unfinished wood. With my frame found, I headed to the paint section and located Martha Stewarts' Chalkboard Paint. Which was $6.99 but I saved 40% with my mobile coupon! Now for the perfect lettering. You can always chalk it on but I wanted something a bit different. I located red  expressions stickers (matches my decor) for $2.99 and happened to be marked an additional 40% more off. I walked out of the store satisfied I paid less than $10 for everything. With supplies in hand, I was off to create my very needed Menu Chalkboard. 
Here is what I did: