Crock-Pot BBQ Brisket Frito Pie Recipe!

Crock-Pots make our lives so much easier along with creating the most delicious meals with ease. BBQ Brisket Frito Pie is extremely easy to make and only requires a few ingredients.

Yield: 4 servings
Prep Time: 25 min
Cook Time: 3 - 4 hours (or Until Brisket in Cooked to Temperature)


2 lbs. of Beef Brisket
1 can of Black Beans
1 can of Pork & Beans
1 bag of Frito's
1 Bottle of BBQ Sauce (I use Hickory Flavor)
1 bag of Shredded Cheese


1. Preheat crock-pot to HOT. Line crock-pot with liner for easier clean up.
2. Cut Beef Brisket into smaller fist size portions.
3. Combine Beef Brisket, Black Beans (including liquid) and Pork & Beans cans into your crock-pot. 
4. Add 1/4 of your standard size BBQ sauce to your crock-pot.
5. Leave on HOT for 3 hours (stirring every 30 minutes) and start checking the eternal temperature of the Beef Brisket. The internal temperature of a well-done brisket is 165°F, but you want to take it to 195ºF internal to tenderize the meat. If you've selected a brisket with some fat on it, it won't dry out.)  If you plan to chop the brisket (for this recipe we are), take the internal temperature to 195ºF.
6. Once your Beef Brisket is at the desired temperature, place your crock-pot on WARM (leaving beans inside) and take a piece or two (depending on your device) and chop it in either your food processor or blender. (I used my blender on the chop setting) Repeat this with all of your brisket while removing what has been chopped into a large bowl.
7. Mix your desired amount of BBQ Sauce to your large bowl of chopped Brisket and stir until mixed.

8. Using Large Plates or Bowls create a bed of Frito's. Strain the beans from your crock-pot and place on top of the Frito's. Pile on your BBQ Brisket and add cheese. Eat it as is or as my hubby likes it, all mixed together.

Optional toppings: *Onions (use 1/2 of a white onion chopped) can be added to your crock-pot and cooked along with. *Sour Cream *Jalapenos *Tomatoes
Additional Servings: For a larger family double or triple this recipe (including cook time) to serve 8 people or more.