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Doodle Pants Leggings Review!

Doodle Pants is an exciting collection of the sweetest little leggings with exciting patterns and adorable prints. Their leggings are made of a very soft and stretchy poly/nylon blend. They're made with thick, flexible material that holds up and is easy to wash.  Perfect all year long! The stretchy fabric allows the leggings to grow with your child! Made with cloth diapers in mind, they have plenty of room in the back. Your kiddo is sure to have the most adorable bottom around.

Jammy Jams - Once Upon This Rock: Lullaby Renditions of Christian Rock CD Review!

I just love all sorts of music but finding something for my kiddo is really tough. Don't get me wrong, we all know there is so much to offer out there it's quite insane. After a probably hectic day you want to relax with your kiddo. That's where Jammy Jams makes everything all better. Getting the best of both worlds for you and your kiddo is exactly what they offer.

Educational Alphabet Flash Cards for 3,4,5 Year Old Kids Review!

Learning the alphabet is a major milestone for every child. Most children know the ABC song by the time they're three or four years old. However, many children do not learn how to recognize letters until they start school. Why not give your child an earlier start? Alphabet Flash Cards with a letter in the front and a picture in the back are a wonderful way to start. Learning the ABCs is fun and easy with this teaching tool. Alphabet flash cards help children develop memory and listening skills. Children will get to know phonics and be able to connect letter sounds with objects, for example: A is for Apple.

The Potty Boot Camp by Dr. Suzanne Riffel eBook Review!

The Potty Boot Camp is a wildly successful potty/toilet training program that has been in business since 2007.  There are thousands of kids who are very proud 'Potty Graduates' and their loyal customers continue to refer friends and families for years to come. The most unique aspect of the program is FREE email one-on-on coaching services as the parent embarks on the training program. The eBook is a quick and easy read - most parents can read the entire book during naptime, and the program is as easy to follow as a cookbook recipe.

Adora 20" Toddler "Love & Joy" Doll Review!

Adora Dolls are the latest craze for little girls of all ages!
They have a wide variety of to choose from. An adorable addition for baby and even for that big girl that just keeps on growing up. That's what one of the many reasons Adora Dolls are so wonderful, they grow with your child. Not literally. Say you start off with a cutie pie Soft Doll for baby, as your child gets bigger you can get a more age appropriate doll. Next is the 1 Year Dolls, harder and more life like. More accessories and even a Bath Time Doll that can be taken in water. Woot! Woot! They are all so precious! Like our kiddos the dolls don't stay small forever, next comes the 2 Year Dolls. These little cuties Giggle! That's right, they know how to have loads of fun. They also have more accessories like strollers, jumpers, and baby carriers to accent them. They are so age appropriate it's ridiculous. Adora really has it nailed!! Time to get into the 3 Year Dolls. They love to be dressed and swaddled, with all sorts of accessories to personalize perfectly. Oh my, they keep getting bigger and are so darn cute. We are all the way into the 6+ Year Dolls, and that is where we stop. Whether your 6 or 60 these dolls have you covered. So life like, such fashionable up to date trendy outfits, and did I mention... So so Adora-ble!!! There is a doll for every girl out there and she is waiting for a special person to take her home. Their purpose in life is to spread love and joy to everyone who encounters them, no matter how small or big!

Move With Me Action Adventures Yoga DVDs and Flash Cards Review!

Looking for a fun way to get your kiddos to not only enjoy exercise but manage their emotions too? I was and I found it with Movement Story/Kids Yoga DVDs! I have learned how important it is to take care of myself with tools like yoga that implement relaxation, progressive breathing, and can reduce stress levels. Why not bring my kiddo along for the ride to! If it helps me, why not my kiddo too? 

Magic Moves Electronic Wand by Educational Insights Review!

Have you heard about the Magic Moves Electronic Wand?
It is a hand held light weight wand with 90 voice commands, glowing light shows, and 26 musical features. The Magic Moves Wand helps promote gross motor skills, physical activity, and imaginative movement. Along with those great features, it also helps strengthen listening skills, vocabulary, and encourages kids to follow directions. They can play with it by themselves or share with a group.

Groove Kid Nation "Rhythm Bears" Childrens' Music CD Review! (Free MP3's)

Oh my, there is so much music out there where do you start?
How much of the music kids hear now-a-days can they actually learn from?
It can be very overwhelming when you look.
You find age in appropriate music, bad habit teaching songs,
and well lets face it... super annoying, drive you batty music.
Don't get me wrong, everyone wants there kiddo to jam out and have fun.
At what cost? Well not my sanity.
When I got the chance to review Groove Kid Nation for my daughter,
I was actually quite surprised. The music took me back!

POTTY COVER Review & Giveaway! (3/30* - 4/6) WINNER ANNOUNCED

Frugal Mom and Wife has teamed up with Potty Cover to bring you this 
awesomely exclusive review and giveaway!
Potty Cover are disposable toilet seat covers that create a waterproof barrier
between the toilet and your child.
The over sized design covers the front & sides of the toilet.
I was lucky enough to review the Potty Cover recently.
I prefer not using public bathrooms and avoid them at all costs
 but when you have a toddler potty training, you better look for a place to go.
The Potty Cover is the newest twist on the old fashioned paper toilet seat covers
 that always seem to be out of stock in public restrooms.
Better yet, not have them at all and your left spending precious time covering with TP.
Sometimes we are lucky enough to find toddler friends restrooms,
but we cannot limit our family outings.
With PottyCovers, the whole family can feel safe knowing that even in the
nastiest of bathrooms they will be protected from germs and more.
It's very convienent that the Potty Covers are individually wrapped.
I love that these cover the front of the toilet all the way to the bottom.
It's easy to use & not a hassle to carry around.
A pack of PottyCover sells for $5.99 and it is available on Amazon, Ebay,
all Buy Buy Baby stores around the country and at select Bed Bath & Beyond stores.
Here is your chance to WIN your very own pack!!
Simply enter using the Rafflecopter below, every entry is another chance to WIN!
- (3/30* - 4/6) WINNER ANNOUNCED -
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Toddler Backpack Review & Giveaway! *Exclusive* (10/6 - 10/13*) - WINNER ANNOUNCED

Toddler Backpack 
Review & Giveaway! 
Frugal Mom and Wife has teamed up with Little Fawn Designs,
to bring you this awesome giveaway!
Win an awesome backpack for your very own toddler!!
I received the "Sweet Treats" toddler backpack pictured below.
The backpack is easy to catch your eye, it caught mine right away.
With the adorable vibrant fabric and just how extremely cute it is!
Perfect size too, fit my daughter exactly as it should.
Now worries with the classic "Slip off the shoulder" or "Drag on the floor".
Little Fawn Designs knows just how to make the right fit!
Her original handmade toddler backpacks measure (9.5H x 9.5W x3.5D)
My daughter absolutely loved being the subject of this review.
The backpack is wonderful for so many outings.
Take a trip to the museum and store souvenirs,
going on a short road trip packed and ready to go,
picnics, the Zoo, ... I could go on and on!
To show you just how much this cute backpack was able to hold,
shown above I was able to fit 9 toddler books inside.
She has a wonderful Etsy Shop where you can find many other toddler backpacks.
Every one just as unique and exploding with vibrant color!
That's not all either...
You can also get lovely cosmetic bags, pouches and diaper clutches too!

Here is your chance to WIN you very own Toddler Backpack for that little someone!
Winner gets to choose any Backpack designed by Little Fawn Designs!!
Can't wait that long, you must have one now? Visit her Etsy Store!
(Exclusive Readers 10% off Discount code to any item in Little Fawn Designs shop.
Use FRUGAL2012 at checkout!)
Super easy entry! Seriously, it's way too easy to enter!
Don't forget to come back daily for more entries!
US and Canada Only (10/6 - 10/13*)
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Congrats - Stephanie Templeman