Adora 20" Toddler "Love & Joy" Doll Review!

Adora Dolls are the latest craze for little girls of all ages!
They have a wide variety of to choose from. An adorable addition for baby and even for that big girl that just keeps on growing up. That's what one of the many reasons Adora Dolls are so wonderful, they grow with your child. Not literally. Say you start off with a cutie pie Soft Doll for baby, as your child gets bigger you can get a more age appropriate doll. Next is the 1 Year Dolls, harder and more life like. More accessories and even a Bath Time Doll that can be taken in water. Woot! Woot! They are all so precious! Like our kiddos the dolls don't stay small forever, next comes the 2 Year Dolls. These little cuties Giggle! That's right, they know how to have loads of fun. They also have more accessories like strollers, jumpers, and baby carriers to accent them. They are so age appropriate it's ridiculous. Adora really has it nailed!! Time to get into the 3 Year Dolls. They love to be dressed and swaddled, with all sorts of accessories to personalize perfectly. Oh my, they keep getting bigger and are so darn cute. We are all the way into the 6+ Year Dolls, and that is where we stop. Whether your 6 or 60 these dolls have you covered. So life like, such fashionable up to date trendy outfits, and did I mention... So so Adora-ble!!! There is a doll for every girl out there and she is waiting for a special person to take her home. Their purpose in life is to spread love and joy to everyone who encounters them, no matter how small or big!

My daughter was so happy to get to review the Adora 20" Toddler "Love & Joy" Doll. First off she could barely restrain herself while my husband and I removed Miss "Love & Joy" out of her packaging. Once out, she took to her right away. We were also very pleased! My daughter has Autism as many of you may know and with that comes many challenges. The "Love & Joy" doll may be looked at as a doll but we see a learning tool. That's right! A tool that can not only help our daughter play but to interact, use her imagination, follow guided steps and so much more. My daughter seemed to really enjoy the fact that she was basically like her but did not move around on her own. She has hair, eyes, hands, legs... you get the picture. She was able to easily interact with her because she is so life like. She may not eat and use the bathroom like we do but that didn't stop my daughter from helping her try.
The Adora Doll is my daughters little buddy. She doesn't talk but that's fine my daughter currently is trying to talk herself. The Adora Doll is very well made and even has potty training pants on, my daughter loved that. "Love & Joy" can have her hair brushed with the greatest of ease. The possibilities are endless!! We absolutely love Adora! For us this doll brings many fun times, learning opportunities, and creative experiences. If your looking for an awesome doll with loads of accessories and suitable for all ages, shop ADORA!

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