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FREE Come Out of the Dark Wristband!

Many people don't know that providing a caring, listening ear is what someone suffering from depression needs the most. Come Out of the Dark wants to help spread awareness around the world so that those suffering do not have to do so in silence. Be their voice by signing up for a completely free wristband to let their voices be heard. Follow the link below to request yours and please feel free to "like" their Facebook page as a thank you.
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*Be sure to confirm your request in the email they send you.

Free Chronic Migraine Awareness Wristband! Free Shipping Too!

Advanced Migraine’s mission goes beyond educating, 
guiding and treating patients who suffer from Chronic Migraine Syndrome. They strive to bring awareness to this life altering condition with the hope of finding a permanent solution.
Purple is the adopted color for headache disorders. When accompanied by a red stripe, the color purple symbolizes those who are suffering or know someone who is suffering from Chronic Migraine Syndrome. Show your support to spread awareness by requesting a free wrist band. Completely free and shipped to you that way too. Simply follow the link below, fill out the form and submit.