Perfective Ceuticals Ultra-light Sunscreen SPF 40 Review!

Ultra-light Sunscreen SPF 40 with Titanium Dioxide is a non-comedogenic, broad-spectrum sunscreen formulated with naturally occurring Titanium Dioxide and cellular-protecting plant extracts. It offers skin protection from UV rays that contribute to skin damage and premature aging. Utilizing an exclusive ultra-light technology, it glides on smoothly; leaving the skin with a soft, non-greasy finish. Perfect to wear alone, over daily moisturizer or as an invisible makeup primer. Fragrance-free.

Key Features:
*Protects skin against collagen damage
*Help prevents the formation of lines and wrinkles
*Enhances natural skin tone and boosts radiance
*Weightless texture Non-greasy finish
*Formula is non-comedogenic
Key Ingredients:
  *Titanium Dioxide: An earth mineral used in sunscreens. Capable of creating a physical barrier to block both UVA and UVB.
*Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract: An herb used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-irritant.
*Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate: A form of Vitamin C Ester. Works as a powerful antioxidant to prevent cellular aging by inhibiting the cross-linking collagen, oxidation of proteins and lipid percutaneous absorption and stability.
*Prunus Yedoensis Leaf Extract: Has positive effects on improvement of noticeable pores, and improvement of skin elasticity.
Perfective Ceuticals is allied with renowned biochemists, medical specialists and doctors in developing the finest and most advanced formulas to provide comprehensive solution targeting the aspects of skin aging. The company addresses the importance of complimenting cutting edge science with naturally derived ingredients and century old methods that have proven results. Enhancement of existing products, as well as intensive research and development for new products, allows Perfective Ceuticals' laboratories to be highly sought-after by many market and industry segments. They also offer research, development consultation and private labeling services for cosmetic firms and dermatologists seeking to dispense their skin care products in the U.S. and abroad.
Wrinkles are unavoidable and no matter what I do they keep on coming. There is no sense in fighting them they will win. Hiding them is the best way to disguise those signs of age. You can use concealer only to have it cake up within your wrinkles. There is botox which has been proven high risk and can cause life threatening results. A face lift can pull your wrinkles away but they still come back and the procedure is both expensive and risky. Why put yourself through such harsh ways of masking your wrinkles when you don't need to. My wrinkles are most prominent in my forehead. Half are from aging and the other half is from having a small forehead and accentuating my facial features. When using the Perfective Ceuticals results were not immediate but gradual. The key is sticking to the regiment and continuing use. After a few weeks my forehead seemed to blur my wrinkles to where they were not as prominent. This makes my makeup easier to apply and not cake inside my wrinkles. It's like it smoothed out the surface and left behind filler. The product applies very easy and did not irritate my skin. The smell is refreshing not at all like a typical sunscreen. While my wrinkles still exist I am super excited to see the continued results. So far I am very grateful to have come across Perfective Ceuticals.
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