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Perfect Sandwich Review!

Packing a lunch for my family is a routine I know all too well. Providing a healthy and tasty meal is what helps them get through the day. The last thing my husband or kiddo need after a long morning is a soggy sandwich to look forward to. Typically I make their lunches the night before to avoid any surprises that the morning likes to produce. This saves me an abundance of time and one less task to juggle later. Unfortunately their lunches cannot always have access to a nice cool refrigerated area. This makes a soggy sandwich by the time lunch makes its way around after morning. This will not work at all!

Warmables {Lunch Kit} Review! #warmables

Monday through Friday my husband and daughter both take a homemade lunch when they leave out home. While my husband is headed to work my daughter is already at school with her lunch in her backpack. Lunch is not for several hours after they have left our house. That makes choices very limited when it comes to what can actually be put in their lunch to eat. Cooler items that can either remain at room temperature or slightly below are the best choices. The fresh factor is what limits every lunch sent out of of your home and on the go. Their is another world of nutritional foods just reaching out but are shunned due to their limits. The days of the old cold sack lunches are behind us now, send a warm lunch out of your home with the wonderful Warmables Lunch Kit!!

Adorable Backpack Coin Pouch ONLY $1.11 SHIPPED!

Right now you can score an adorable backpack coin purse in Pink for ONLY $1.11 including shipping! If you would prefer a different color, simply click on the images below the price through the link below. You can also score this in Red for $1.16, Navy for $1.13, and Green for $1.21. That includes shipping on each one. These are great for lunch money, doll bags and so much more.