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Change Your Apple Icons To Awesome For FREE!

Like what you see? Why settle for the standard icons your devices provide when you can change them into awesome. Simply follow the link below and I will tell you how to get personalized icons for FREE!

**Above is a screen shot from an iPhone 5s. This feature is available for ALL iPhones.

Change Your Boring App Icons Into Awesomely Cute For Free!

Like what you see? With the latest iOS7 update added to my iPhone I wanted to personalize my app icons in a very unique and cool way. I came across the CocoPPa App which is Free and you can customize all sorts of app that you have downloaded onto your phone. Unfortunately you can not change the factory apps already included onto your phone. With the new iOS7 update it's kinds like you did though. The image shown above is my iPhone 4s screen shot complete with iOS7 update and CocoPPa icons customized by me. I had tons to choose from too. I absolutely love this app! If you would like to spice up your apps follow the link below and download it completely free! Compatible with all iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches!!