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Epiphanie Bags Brooklyn {Mustard} Backpack Review!

Meet Brooklyn - Epiphanie's stylish backpack/crossbody bag! Brooklyn was designed to accommodate your 15" laptop, iPad or tablet/eReader, camera + attached lens, 1 long lens, 1 short lens, flash, battery pack and wallet. Extra pockets ideal for storage of keys, cell phone, memory cards, business cards, travel maps and more! All dividers can be fully removed, so you can easily transition to an every day bag! 
*Measures: 14"L x 6.5"W x 14.5"H
*Weight: 4 lbs.
*Material: water-resistant, high-quality synthetic leather
*2 detachable shoulder straps so bag can be worn as backpack
*1 detachable, padded cross-body strap two front pockets with magnetic snap closure
* 1 large front slide-in pocket (above small pockets)
* Slide-in pocket on each side of bag
*Zipper back pocket large enough to accommodate an iPad
*Zipper top closure under flap
*Beautiful antique brass hardware
*Ultra-soft white lining 
 *Crafted with extra padding for maximum equipment protection
*1 sewn-in foam panel separating the laptop section
*4 Velcro panels can be adjusted to any position for maximum customization (2 long, 2 short)
(Simply remove panels to convert to a regular backpack)

*1 large zipper pocket
Epiphanie was started four years ago by professional photographer Maile (pronounced Mylie) Wilson. At the time, there were no cute camera bags for women. She hated lugging around a separate, bulky man-bag. So she'd end up leaving her camera at home or shoving it into her purse wrapped up in whatever was nearby; a towel, sock, sweatshirt.  Obviously that isn't the best way to protect expensive gear. When she realized that stylish camera bags for women didn't exist, she decided to create her own line. And it was obvious that she wasn't alone in a need for them. When Epiphanie launched in 2009, there were already almost 10,000 people on the waiting list, with all kinds of funny stories about the different things they used to wrap up their cameras: diapers, pot holders, even maxi pads!  Four years later, the collection has expanded from three to twelve styles and over 60 different bags that accommodate cameras, laptops and even backpacks for men. And there's lots more to come! To be the first to know, make sure you're signed up on our mailing list! (below in the right hand corner of this website) Maile has been a professional photographer for over fifteen years, photographing countless families, local TV personalities, as well as a few celebrities like Brooke Burke, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. She's been a recurring guest on the local morning show San Antonio Living, co-author of Expressive Photography and is the founder of Epiphanie. Originally from Maui and California, she now lives in TX with her husband and three kids.
As you can see above, I have stuffed this bag full. Inside I am able to carry my laptop, iPad, camera, camcorder, stand, mouse, usb cords, headphones, chargers, cords and I even still have so much more room to stuff more items inside. Not only is this gorgeous Brooklyn bag able to carry a heavy load but equip to handle each item with care. The fabric velcro dividers allow me to provide a snug fit so each item is secure and will not bang into each other. Regardless of their size I can adjust accordingly. I was quite surprised I was also able to fit my large laptop inside because it is so bulky but the Epiphanie bag was ready to handle it. Even though it was quite easy to load full of heavy items I was worried about what it would do to my back once I actually carried my load around. The padded straps take all the brunt for you actually. The weight seemed to be evenly placed providing added support and lessening the chance of the bag causing harm to my back. I really enjoy wearing it as a backpack rather than a side bag. While adventuring along with this bag I stumbled upon rain and freaked out. What was to become of my beautiful bag? Will it be ruined? Not at all! Although I do not recommend exposing this bag to water rest assured that minimal exposure won't faze it a bit. The rain did not damage the bag at all. This bag is a luxury that all gadget owners should have. Protect your expensive products with the delicate touch they deserve and look great doing so with Epiphanie. This is just one of the many bags they carry for all your gadget needs. By far very supreme and high quality that is sure to last longer than your gadgets.
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