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FREE Soul Warming, Comforting Soup Recipes for a Cold Winter's Day eBook!

Meant for cozy suppers on any day of the week, these crowd-pleasing soups are likely to bring back delicious memories. Nothing is as soul warming as the aroma of homemade soup simmering on the stove when you come home on a rainy day. Preparing your own soup allows you to control what ingredients go into the pot so you can create healthy versions of your favorite soups. If you love the convenience of a one-dish meal simmering on the stove top - satisfy all of your cravings with these easy and delicious comfort food soup recipes. 
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Can Drink: From HOT to ICE COLD In 15 Minutes!

I am a soda freak. Most definitely an impatient one at that. For example, purchasing a 12 pack of soda from the store freshly hot off the shelf. I don't want to drink a hot soda, I want an ice cold soda fast. Used to be I would patiently wait an hour for a cool soda out of the freezer and it wouldn't be ice cold. All that wait and no mega reward, just a mediocre one. I am not a poor over ice in a cup kind of person, unless I have no choice. To me it takes away from my drink by watering it down. Never again I say!!