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FREE Interactive Alphabet App! (Normally $2.99)

Positively, the BEST Alphabet experience from crib to kindergarten!
Baby - A guided A to Z touchable tour (ages 1+)
Explore - discover hands-on interactive letter toys (ages 2+)
Sing - Sing along with letterbots! (ages ALL)
Type - Match letter keys to type a word (ages 2+)
Trace - Easy letter and word drawing (ages 2+)
Customize - Add familiar pictures/words

Alphabet Jumbled App Review! #alphabetjumbled

Had enough of same old Alphabet song, flash cards and posters? Here’s a fun interactive app to get your kids started on their ABCs! This app changes every Alphabet App your used to seeing by putting a new swing on things. No need to bore your kiddo into not wanting to learn with this app. Your child will have so much fun they won't even realize they are learning key information that will help their knowledge continue to grow.

FREE Alphabetizing - A Montessori Approach to Language App!

This app is a fun and educational activity for children to gain practice identifying the letters of the alphabet and placing them in alphabetical order. This app includes three detailed activities; Learn & Review, Practice the Alphabet and Fill in the Gaps. This app was co-designed and approved by a Montessori teacher with over 40 years experience teaching children! Enjoy this app as an introduction to the Mobile Montessori line of educational apps!

An Alphabet Aliens Adventure Children's Book Series Review!

Each book in the Alphabet Aliens series is its own adventure, focusing on a unique alien character and a particular letter of the alphabet: Alphie has an anteater whoʼs allergic to apples; Bebe was born to bounce, but not on the bed; and Coco can change color, just like her pet chameleon. The books are great to read aloud and have the added educational benefit of phonetic alliteration and the introduction of a few challenging but fun new words. There's a guide to "tricky words" in the back of each book. The books have bold retro illustrations and are small enough to be easily thrown in a bag or even a pocket.