My Fitbit Showed Me I Was Pregnant Before A Early First Response Pregnancy Test!

When I was trying to conceive my second child I was monitoring and stalking every aspect of the process. I specifically bought a Fitbit to give me a behind the scenes secret knowledge of how my body works. During the time I was trying to conceive I stumbled across a post about how a woman's husband accidentally discovered his wife was pregnant by posting a question on Reddit. He posted how his wifes Resting Heart Rate had been higher than normal for a few weeks and she was constantly in the Fat Burn or Cardio zone when she was just sitting still. Reddit users suggested maybe the change was due to her being pregnant and her heart was acting that way for that reason. Well, turns out the users were right, she was in fact pregnant and her Fitbit showed so before she used a pregnancy test. 

This excited me to see and since I was already on the trying to conceive journey, I went and purchased a Fitbit Charge 3 right away. It takes a Fitbit a few weeks to months to get to know how your body reads and it also depends on how often you use it. You see, during my journey... this next bit could be a trigger for some of you but I must include these details so you can understand my story better. With that said I will continue.. During my journey I suffered from an early miscarriage. It absolutely devastated me to the core. I didn't want to get out of bed, I didn't feel like eating, I felt so worthless and incapable. I was so heartbroken I couldn't focus on anything besides myself being an utter failure... With the love and support from my family I got a lot better. I wanted to stop trying for a while, I was so afraid it would just keep happening to me and I couldn't bare anymore pain in my heart.

I decided to start trying again about a year later. Before I started trying again I ran across the post I previously spoke about regarding the Fitbit. This is when I went and got the Fitbit, I wanted to know more. I wanted to see if I could find out what I did wrong, why this happened. You see, I didn't realize it wasn't just me. This happens to most women and they don't even know because the pregnancy wasn't viable from the get go. I know that this is out of a womans control if implantation doesn't work out. Yet we ladies beat ourselves up, why? It's because we want this little human to grow inside us so bad. Because of Early Response Pregnancy Tests woman can find out if they are pregnant almost right away. With a Fitbit it makes it even earlier to detect. This can be both a blessing and a curse at the same time, let me explain. Since many woman have whats called an early miscarriage, this is where you miscarry around the time you get your regular monthly period and so you just have your normal period without even knowing it happened. Yeah I am going all technical to explain this but if you want to know, you need to know properly. First Response Pregnancy test can detect as low as 6.3 HCG in your blood. The only test that can determine this low is an actual blood test from the doctor. Because of the sensitivity of the First Response test, the test in which many who are trying to conceive go to, it can also detect an early miscarriage. This is the test I used before my miscarriage and I decided I didn't want a test that sensitive because such low HCG sensitivity can pick up both a viable and unviable pregnancy. I then switched to a test that was a bit less sensitive so that way if it was positive the chances of it being viable was much greater than before. At that time I started using Clear Blue pregnancy tests. These tests will only detect a level of HCG at 25 or higher. At that time I was trying to conceive, the entire time I was using Ovulation Test strips to narrow down when my window for conception was. So between my Ovulation Tests and Fitbit I was ready to start tracking everything. As soon as I would get to Days Past Ovulation (DPO) time of each month I was so excited. I would have to wait to use a pregnancy test until I was at least 12-14 DPO just because I didn't want to catch an early miscarriage. For 3 months of using the Fitbit it had recorded my Resting Heart Rate and how it fluctuated during the month, pretty routine. I honestly between the miscarriage and months after year of trying, I tried to take it easy. Figuring the added stress of wanting this to happen so bad wasn't good for my mind. I stopped the ovulation test strips, I stopped looking at my Resting Heart Rate (I kept the Fitbit on) and just went with the flow. I had no idea if I was pregnant or not and it felt great in a way. You know what they say about when you least expect it, it happens. Well in my case that was the exact case. Around the time I was suppose to get my period nothing was happening... This was weird because I had basically been in sync for a good long while. So I decided to look at my Fitbit and what I saw told me I was either pregnant or had something going on a doctor needed to check me out about.

This was what I saw on my Fitbit. My Resting Heart Rate had increased by about 10 and I could stay out of the Fat Burn zone though I was just sitting still. Normally your Resting Heart Rate increases all the way up until your period begins then starts plummeting down but when your pregnant it just continues to go up until you're between 10-20 over your standard RHR. By this time I was so depressed and hopeless of ever conceiving my second child I didn't even think I was pregnant. I just assumed "Oh great here we go, I have something bad wrong with me" and called my husband to tell him. He then told me to just go ahead and take a pregnancy test to see, I was highly doubtful. Below is what my Clear Blue pregnancy test showed.
My Fitbit was telling me I was pregnant before my Clear Blue test did. Reluctant to share with anyone we waited a long time to share. When we did share we were still reluctant but managed through. I have been telling my Fitbit pregnancy detector story to those who care to know and wanted to share with anyone out there who cares too. Thankfully our second child was born 9+ months later happy and healthy smack dab at the beginning of the Covid pandemic but that is another story for another post. Thank you for taking the time to read how my Fitbit showed me I was pregnant before a test did.