VOOKS The 1st Storybook Streaming Service Review + Giveaway!

Introducing the 1st storybook streaming service, VOOKS. A new way for kids to read and learn with new titles weekly and hundreds of books with no ads. Currently they are giving teachers of both public school and private schools worldwide their 1st year of VOOKS completely free, go here to take advantage of this generous offer if you are an educator. VOOKS focuses on teaching children the value of kindness, sharing, caring, helping and more through their carefully selected books. Each book is beautifully illustrated and narrated with clear mood setting audio. VOOKS strengthens literacy and vocabulary & promotes independent learning! A new fun and exciting way for both children and adults to enjoy reading together!

Between my 11 year old and 1 year old daughters, VOOKS is a hit. Not only do their books captivate my children but the familiar faces of their favorite storybook friends lure them right in. VOOKS provides my daughters with independence along with teaching them literature and social situations. This is especially helpful for my eldest daughter who has autism. We are always looking for stories that provide positive social interaction with appropriate outcomes. The vast selection of books that is offered is quite overwhelming, you honestly have a tough time deciding on which to read because they all are so inviting. Thankfully there is no rush to read them all with unlimited access to every book provided. With my youngest daughter learning to talk and read VOOKS is ideal. As each story is being narrated the words said are bolded and highlighted, perfect for new readers! We absolutely love VOOKS and know you and your little reader(s) will too!

Right now you can try them out for 30 days, no hassle no fuss. See for yourself with all the wonderful books waiting to captivate your little ones mind. Bring the stories they love to life!

VOOKS Lesson Plans
Along with providing all sorts of amazing streaming books, VOOKS also provide Lesson Plans. These were created to help parents and teachers extend the learning beyond each storybook. Each Lesson Plan provides themes, summaries, talking points, discussion topics, activity ideas and even vocabulary cards. This is included with each VOOKS subscription in the resources section.

Here is your chance to win your wonderful child(ren) a one year subscription to VOOKS with all the bells and whistles! Simply enter below and the winner will be randomly selected and contacted by email to claim their prize. Super cool right? You can't win if you don't enter!
Giveaway is open worldwide until 12am CT 5/2/21

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