Perfectly POSH Beauty Bath, Body, Face and Lip Products Review!

When it comes to pampering Perfectly Posh was founded solely off of the need to pamper. Each and every product in their wide beauty line was specifically designed to pamper you in one way or another. From delicious body creams to after shaves for men, that's right, men need pampering too. You can even make some rainy day cash or a career from selling their products too. Rarely do I actually get to pamper myself so with the help of my independent consultant Geri, I indulged Perfectly Posh style.
My independent consultant set me up with:
* Luxury Body Wash 2 fl oz - 
A rich, moisturizing body wash with a tantalizing black cherry fragrance.
* Luxury Body Whip 2 oz -
A whipped body butter with a tantalizing black cherry fragrance.
* D•Tox Face Mask .5 fl oz -
A kaolin clay, witch hazel, and tea tree deep-cleaning and moisturizing face mask.

REVIEW: The Black Cherry is so deliciously fragrant that you want to eat these products. Rest assured the amazing smell lingers for hours with both the body whip following the body wash. Leaving nothing but a silky smooth fragrance soaked into your skin. Absolutely love them along with the D-Tox face mask that leaves your face clean yet moisturized without the oily residue other competitors products leave behind.

Perky Stick
Looking for a mid-day pickup and headache relief? Our Perk! Skin Stick is your weapon against tension and tightness. Fend off that stress headache by applying this peppermint-loaded shea butter stick to temples, neck, forehead, and other pulse points. Feel your mood lift and your tension melt away.
REVIEW: Life of a mom is go, go, go. Tension goes up and down throughout the day with seldom chances for relaxation. The Perky Stick is a great up-lifter just when you think you can't stretch your energy any longer. The stick minimizes the irritation in muscles and soothes, I especially love it for my shoulders and lower back.

Skindelicious Snarky Butter
Shea butter, cocoa butter, and sunflower seed oil combine to give this amazing body butter a soft, silky feel. Infused with almond, milk, and honey, your skin will soak up the nutrients it’s been starving for. The feminine fragrance of exotic flowers and sandalwood has just a bit of attitude: the perfect combination of beauty and sass.

REVIEW: When they say the perfect combination of beauty and sass, they nailed it. The butter has the dainty flower fragrance but is magnified and topped off with a popping sandalwood setting off the entire butter. I see why it's so Snarky. The almond, milk and honey actually leaves your skin feeling very nourished and beyond smooth. Rough skin patches don't know what hit them, I adore this cream for my arms and elbows. The intense nourishment keeps my sensitive skin quenched and happy.
Made with pumice and carbon for a deep clean, and shea butter and glycerin to leave skin soft, our Hunk Chunk is a manly bar designed to get even the grimiest guy clean enough to pass muster with the missus.

REVIEW: This massive bar is so huge that I actually cut it up into .25" pieces. (shown above) My husband absolutely loves the Hunk Chunk Bar. The manly smell is dreamy from my point of view and "smells pretty good" from my husbands point of view. The bar is a great purchase not only because it smells amazing but it can last so very long if you cut it up like I did. Love it!

Calm the Beast Aftershave
A calming gel for just-shaved skin. Our hydrating aftershave is a blend of aloe, glycerin, jojoba, and macadamia oils that soothes and nourishes shaved skin with a manly scent, restoring moisture and calming irritation and inflammation.

REVIEW: If your wanting "BAM" in your face, strong, manly aftershave, try and calm Calm the Beast Aftershave. The smell is not only amazing but the results are pretty awesome. Normal irritation is no match for the beast. The ingredients combined in this aftershave not only keep the skin from irritation, smells manly, and completely leaves the skin feeling smooth without any inflammation. My husband loves the added moisture it provides that competitors lack. The aftershave leaves him feeling refreshed and ready to go without the traditional aftermath of shaving.

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WEBSITE - Independent Consultant: Geri Boneske

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