FREE Wiggly Words: Learn to Read and Spell with Phonics App!

Teach your kids to read with this fun, phonics app with more than 500 words! Phonological awareness is a critical skill for a child learning to read. A solid understanding of phonemes and sound blends allows a child to decode any word and paves the way to effortless reading and spelling. This app focuses on phonics based words and helps to learn and practice basic rules of how phonemes and blending sounds work. It comes with 500+ words categorized in following 6 word sets
- Short Vowels (CVC) like cat, dog, etc
- Long Vowels (CVCe) like bake, cake, etc
- Digraphs like ch, sh, etc
- Beginning blends
- Ending blends
- Double Consonants like boss, mill, etc

Read Mode:
Animated letters fall on the screen to form a word and fall asleep. To hear the sound they make you have to wake each letter up. Once all the letters are awake the word is read out aloud. To get a new word, you have to touch any wiggly letter which then falls off the screen and a new letter comes in forming a new word. 

Spell Mode:
You can spell the word by dragging letters on to the line. As you touch each letter it will say the letter sound to help you with the spelling. As you build the word, the letters will tell you if the spelling is right or wrong with cute animations.

In both modes, one letter or word part is replaced at a time to help children learn new word building upon their understanding of the previous words thus reinforcing their understanding of phonics.