Everyday Selfie Stick Review!

When it comes to capturing the perfect selfie either it's by pure luck or a useful tool. Positioning your camera in just the right location for that professional look can be quite hard to do all on your own. Instead of stopping a total stranger when your on vacation or bothering others at a party, you can use the help of what I call the extended selfie arm. This stick reaches where a normal arm cannot providing a wide view picture that can fit an entire group of people inside. How cool is that?

You may have seen them before and thought "What is the world is that?". It is how those who love to enjoy taking selfies accomplish the ultimate selfies. Honestly you can't knock it until you try it for yourself. I promise you that you will love it! Whether you like to go on trips or simply have a lot of friends, this stick is for you. Your Phone is Safe with the Double Clamp/Clip that will securely fit your smartphone. When there is no one around to take your picture? No problem! You have the freedom to take your own photos. Your arms can only stretch so long let the sticks arm do the work. It can fully expendable up to 44" and can compress down to 9" for an easy to carry accessory on the road. Weighing less than half a 1 lb making it perfect for travel. It is made from high quality stainless steel for strength and durability with a comfort grip handle that is made from non-slip foam. Built into the holder are 9 different rotational axis to give you a wide variety of shots and angles. The built-in Wireless Bluetooth Remote removes all the hassle "so you can save time & find the perfect shot". Perfect and Essential Item for Travel, Group Photos, Portraits, Video Blogging, Blogging, Hiking, Camping, Festivals, Concerts, Parties, Sports Events and more! The included Rechargeable Battery using USB to mini USB cable is easily connected through your computer. It takes less than an hour to fully charge & your ready to go! No downloading and connects easily with any phone with iOS 4 or newer  and Android 3 or newer.
This selfie stick is exceptional. Much easier to use compared to other selfie sticks that require a separate shutter stick. Only one hand is needed so you can have the other free to do as you wish. The shutter button is conveniently located where my finger can get a good grip on the photo capture button. It took seconds to connect the Everyday Selfie to my iPhone. Even better it came with a charge so I could use it right away then charge it. I really like being able to do that right out of the box with electronics, the anticipation otherwise is rough on me. Below is a video showing you how the camera on your device is used through the Everyday Selfie. My sleepy Boston Terrier is featured just as a cute example of how this stick works.

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