DIY Boutique Hair Bow Tutorial!

My daughter loses bows like crazy, costing me quite a bit if I was to buy them from the store all the time. Especially when your down to your last bow and you need a set. There are so many techniques out there for making the most beautiful bows. One of my favorite ways only takes a few minutes to make once you get the hang of things. The tutorial below will save you money and turns out so boutique cute!

◉ 1 Yard of Grosgrain Ribbon 1/2" to *1 1/2" wide 
(the wider the ribbon the larger the bow will be)
◉ Fabric Scissors or Really Sharp Scissors
◉ Sewing Needle
◉ Color Coordinating Thread
◉ Alligator Hair Clips
◉ Hot Glue Gun
◉ Lighter

Starting with 31" of 1 1/2" wide grosgrain ribbon, measure 3 1/2" and mark a line to sew.
I like to mark where I will sew with alligator clips instead of fabric marker. 
Just remove each clip as you sew. Then continue measuring and marking every 6". These will be the outer loops.

When you get to the top of the first line, match up the second line with the first and continue to stitch. Notice you will be stitching this second line on the wrong side of the ribbon. Continue stitching all marked lines together, paying close attention to have the ribbon folded back and forth, right to wrong as shown above.

Then taking your scissors cut out the top half of a triangle from each end of the ribbon like shown. Using you lighter very quickly run the flame over the freshly cut edge to seal the fibers.

Push the ribbon down on the thread and you will see the bow take form. Once the string has no more slack within the bow, thread your needled through the middle and back through again. Knot off and cut the excess thread.

Take the five inches of left over ribbon (31" used of the 36" you started with) and fold it into thirds, lengthwise and make a loose knot in the middle.

Put a small dot of hot glue on the back side of the knot and secure it to the front center of your bow. Then wrap the ends to the back of the bow securing the alligator clip as you glue.

Allow a few minutes for the glue to set and done!

It seems a bit overwhelming at first but I assure you that you get faster at making them with each one. Less than 10 minutes and you have a set of bows, wow! 

You can use embellishments like flowers and character icons instead of the knot on the center. This is a great way to express a custom look that you could only get from a boutique. 

* Do not leave your supplies unattended
* Keep your hot glue gun out of reach of children

You can purchase everything you need at stores like:
Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Joann's, and Walmart (where lighters are found)
You can also order everything online:
Needles - Thread - Ribbon *I recommend getting these in an all in one assorted sewing kit.
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