aGo G5 Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer Review! #kingpenvapes

If your looking for a Premium vaporizer setup that can handle anything you throw at it look no further than the Ago G5. With the G5's unique features, 510 attachment compatiblity, lcd display, nd 3 in one capabilities you simply cant go wrong. The Ago g5 offers twice the features of the competition at Half the cost making it Affordable without having to sacrifice performance in exchange for price.

If your in the market for a solid herbal use only or need a Triple use All in one solution for your herbals wax/concentrates and oils or E-juice than the Ago G5 is exactly what you have been looking for!
(1) G5 Battery with digital display
(1) Ceramic Heating Chamber
(1) Chamber Connector
(1) Ceramic Filter
(1) Mesh Filter & (2) Spring
(1) Rubber Mouthpiece
(1) Cleaning Brush Tool
(1) Packing Tool
(1) USB & Wall Adapter (US)
(1) USB Charger
(1) User Manual
Includes everything you will need to vaporize dry herbs, wax, oils and concentrates. Comparable to the much higher priced vaporizers, the Ago g5 features a LCD display indicator as well as interchangeable 510 thread attachments exceeding standard features at a fraction of the price! The Ago G5 is by far the most elegant and advanced pen vape on the market. With the ability to vaporize in under 5 seconds the Ago is officially the quickest heating vape pen available. It draws its power from an internal lithium ion battery and features a small screen that will let you know how many puffs you have taken and your battery usage. This way you can recharge before your vape has a chance to die! The Ago G5 "triple use" vaporizer can be used with dry herb oils or concentrates all on the same setup! All you do is change a few things around.
I was a smoker for many years and never thought I would be able to stop. All those horrible chemicals I was knowingly absorbing in my body was plain wrong. What did it for me was my daughter and the will to quit. You need to really and truly be ready to quit or you will be fighting a losing battle. So far I have won my battle for well over a year now and haven't even taken a puff of a cigarette since. Regardless of the controversy over vaping compared to cigarettes, this way I actually know what I am inhaling. I have gradually reduced my nicotine intake using vaporizers and I have been through quite a few. This aGo G5 is very easy to use and very sleek. The battery monitor is outstanding and only found on the best battery packs. I have no issues with this vape pen and feel it preforms exceedingly. Thanks to King Pen Vapes for providing such outstanding customer service. They have a wide selection of items along with an detailed information of each product. Their employees have great knowledge of all inventory to provide you with exactly what your looking for. My overall experience was above and beyond!
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