Solo Stick Pro Gold Review!

 Being a selfie fanatic I cannot resist new ways to capture myself and others with me. The biggest problems when it comes to selfies are two major obstacles. The first is trying to get a picture while still having your finger on the capture button. So difficult and really limits your image range. The second is just as horrible, lack of view. This is where you get a foot or two if your lucky between you and your camera. After all your arms are only so long.

That's why when I came across Solo Stick Pro I was beyond ecstatic. Not only could I optimize the ultimate selfie but I entered a whole new world. Ever wonder how people get distant selfies without any friends around? 
They are probably using the Solo Stick Pro along with their handy dandy Bluetooth Shutter Remote. The Shutter Remote is your best friend when it comes to selfies. With this device you can take a picture from your camera without even touching it. The remote simply syncs to the camera like magic. I highly recommend this to everyone whether you take selfies or not. This is great for group photos, sky diving type adventures, capturing landscapes and so much more. The possibilities are actually endless with these two wonderful inventions. The Solo Stick Pro has an adjustable holder to carry your phone or camera securely. The stick extends to different levels too! You haven't lived until you have tried these for yourself!
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